April 19, 2024

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A flurry of appointments on Apple TV +

A flurry of appointments on Apple TV +

Apple announced yesterday on Twitter Part of what they prepared for us from TV + for this fall. Some of the most acclaimed series already New delivery confirmed. This is the case of “Mythic Quest”, “The Mosquito Coast”, “Little America” ​​and “Slow Horses”.

The first offers that will arrive … and the ones that will arrive

  • “Mythic Quest” Season 3 premieres on November 11.
  • “Mosquito Coast” presents its second season on November 4.
  • “Little America” ​​will do so on December 9.
  • “Slow Horses” returns for its second season on December 2.

Legendary Quest“It’s a comedy that tells how messy a video game company can be.

Mosquito CoastIt chronicles the journey of a perfect inventor (Ally Fox) and her family when they suddenly find themselves persecuted by the United States government.

Little America“It tells the stories of successful immigrants to the United States. It shows how they have been able to change the country, even though they are invisible to many.

slow horsesis a quote from Mick Heron’s novels. It concerns a section of MI5 made up of retired spies due to errors in their careers.

Some of the most important Apple TV + productions are missing from this list: “The Morning Show”, “Ted Lasso”, “Foundation” and so on. Everything refers to We won’t see ads for these series until next yearbut you never knew.