April 13, 2024

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A former Case Closed participant reveals the show's secrets on TikTok and it's spreading like wildfire: 'They're getting paid'

A former Case Closed participant reveals the show's secrets on TikTok and it's spreading like wildfire: 'They're getting paid'

In the last hours name Dr. Polo and her show Caso Cerrado were trending on Google due to the (belated) spread of a video in which a former participant of the show reveals secrets from the show.

Reviving an old debate about whether the cases on the show are real or the actors or heroes themselves, TikTok user @timewithmila says in two videos that it's “pure acting.”

In Caso Cerrado, a program that Telemundo has broadcast for 18 years in a row, Ana María Polo attempts to resolve worldly conflicts based on the laws of the United States. The presentation consists of each party's defenses and the physician's subsequent judgment.

On TikTok, where her videos have more than 10 million views, Mila says the production hires people to translate improvised scripts on the same day. Actors are given about three hours to learn.

Mila reveals that Dr. Polo “doesn’t know what the case is, she finds out what we say there and makes her judgement.” “My case was very interesting. They asked us a little bit about each case, so they put the story together. I actually laughed a lot and enjoyed it.”

She also revealed the amount she was paid to participate: according to her, participants receive between “$200 and $400.” “They bring them in and pay for the flight, the hotel, the food, everything. Plus, they get paid to be on the show.

Anna Maria Polo in case closed.

Moreover, the participant said that not only one case is photographed per day, but between 6 and 8 cases.

Regarding the issue of the actors in the program, Polo said in an interview on YouTube that although most of the participants are translators of other people’s issues, there are programs in which the participants are the real heroes.

Mila participates in the Telemundo program.

“People think everyone is an actor, well no, there are people who are not afraid of the camera, they are naturals, they have an idea for something and they go and do it, and they do it very well.” said the host of Erika de La Vega's En Defensa Propia YouTube channel.

The case is closed and Dr. Polo, furious, searches

Since the video went live, searches for Doctora Polo and Caso Cerrado have skyrocketed in Google Trends.

Closed case searches and Anna Maria Polo in trends.

In the chart above, you can see the top search moments for both keywords on Google.