July 14, 2024

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A former OpenAI president has opened his own security-focused AI company

A former OpenAI president has opened his own security-focused AI company

Ilya Sutskever, months after leaving OpenAI, has founded a new AI company, but with cybersecurity in mind

Internet crimes are increasing year after year

artificial intelligenceone of the technological phenomena in fashion today, is still being born Important changes In the technology market. Ilya Sutskeverone of the former faces of OpenAI among its senior levels, He created his own company Artificial intelligence, where security will be the main factor.

Artificial intelligence and security company

at present, Cybercrime is reaching new heights Year after year, which forces companies to advance in technology as quickly as possible. For this reason, Ilya Sutskever took over The decision to establish the State Security InvestigationsIt is a new company, After announcing it on the X platform (Twitter)He explained his mission Unifying security and artificial intelligence Under a common denominator.

The abbreviation SSI stands for Safe Super Intelligence Companywhich in Spanish will be like “super Seguridad SA”, which explains the main goal of the company, and How do you plan to achieve this goal?. In fact, creative people They even created the domain For the company, although as we see at this moment, All available content is a short cover letter Without any kind of specific design or branding.

His strange departure from OpenAI

Ilya Sutskever passes away OpenAI will be remembered by many industry followers, due to the massive controversy surrounding the company a few months ago. Sutskever, who was Co-founder of the company** He was one of the leaders of the movement that overthrew Altman in an unexpected move. However, when Sam Altman was reinstated, the directors attempted to remove him from the company They had to leave OpenAIincluding Ilya Sutskever.

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Several months later, the situation at OpenAI appears to have changed It became more stablealthough they will not be able to relax before A big boost in terms of artificial intelligence Which many competing brands do. Without going any further, Google has shown in recent weeks that Gemini’s capabilities can, in fact, Compete head to head With the latest versions of GPT, it will also have features not found in OpenAI AI.

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