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A former participant in the show “Masterchef Celebrity” is now a cooking judge on TV: who is he and what is the show?

A former participant in the show “Masterchef Celebrity” is now a cooking judge on TV: who is he and what is the show?

From being a MasterChef Celebrity contestant to a cooking show judge – brought to you by Canal RCN

The talented Colombian comedian, Natalia Sanente, continues to surprise her followers with her versatility and charm. After her distinguished participation in the 2023 season Masterchef Celebrity ColombiaWhere she became one of the semi-finalists, and made a special appearance on the show. very brave.

On this opportunity, He took on the role of judge in the cooking challenge, once again showing off his culinary skills and knowledge.

In the cooking competition in which she participated, Natalia Sanent left an indelible mark, she managed to achieve several goals and despite her own doubts at the beginning of the program, as she did not think that she would survive the first weeks, she was able to qualify for the semi-finals.

His ability to learn and adapt to the demands of competition has enabled him to stand out among his peers, earning the respect of the judging panel and the affection of the audience.

Natalia Sanent has qualified for the semi-finals of MasterChef Celebrity 2023 – according to the official RCN channel

On his visit to very braveNatalia Sanent shared personal details about her life and family. She talked about her mother’s strong temperament that had a great impact on her personality, and about her father’s tenderness, as he was the person who always pampered her.

According to Sant, these childhood experiences were crucial in developing the resilience and determination that led to success in her career.

After the interview, the program production organized a small cooking challenge in which the presenters Marcelo Cezanne, Sandra Mazuera and Monica Molano participated. The contestants had to prepare a main course of meat or breast with vegetables and Natalia Sannet, with her expertise in this Celebrity MasterChef Last year, she was responsible for assessing preparedness.

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In his role as a judge, Sannett imitated celebrity chef Jorge Rausch, one of the chefs who reviews the preparations in Head chef. Taking a critical and detailed approach, he went through each station to observe the participants’ techniques and processes. His performance was not only entertaining, but also informative, as he shared tips and observations based on what he had learned during his time on “Masterchef.”

Natalia Sanint evaluated the dishes of the Bravissimo presenters like a Masterchef Celebrity jury – Credit@natasanint_/Instagram

Finally the moment of truth came and it was time to taste the dishes. Natalia Sanent carefully evaluated each preparation, taking into account cooking, flavour and salad accompaniment.

After trying the three dishes, Marcelo Cezanne was declared the winner of the challenge. Although the challenge was just a small game, the presenter recalled her moments in the famous show’s kitchen and confirmed that it made her very happy. This experience allowed him to apply the knowledge he had acquired in Head chefWhich shows their growth and confidence in the field of cooking.

Sannet has proven that she works hard to live a healthy life and take care of her physical appearance, which is why since then In 2023, he underwent bariatric surgery. This is a cosmetic procedure that involves modifications to your digestive system, such as reducing the size of your stomach, which results in decreased appetite and weight loss.

Since then, the comedian has shared her process and many photos and videos showing her fans details about it. For this reason, they respectfully recognize and love the change he has undergone, so much so that they fill him with comments assuring him that he looks radiant and has a different look.

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“How impressive you are, you look amazing, congratulations”, “You look amazing my friend”, “I admire you so much and everything you do is amazing, you are a talented woman”, “Nata is so beautiful!!! I am great, congratulations”, “You represent me perfectly with 40 tons”, “Keep up the good work, you look great. The change with the weight loss is impressive”, these are some of the most relevant messages left in the posts.