June 16, 2024

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A mysterious continent is hidden under New Zealand (and more is known about it)

Do you know Te Riu-a-Māui? The name, in Mori, refers to a continent buried on the Pacific surface, with its only emerging regions being New Caledonia and New Zealand. Initially discovered 90s Baptized Cecilia, it will be the eighth continent of our planet, and its size will be more or lessAustralia, Approximately five million km. As National Geographic reported on July 23, researchers recently extracted extracts of zircon from parts of the earth.

The question is whether this Cecilia is known to the community Scientist For a long time, it had the properties needed to demand the position of the continent. New clues have emerged as a result, but have not yet been finalized. So the researchers explored these minerals and the results confirmed that this buried continent is much older than imagined: 1.3 billion years. Geographical dating from 500 million years ago to the present is only a big step in solving this mystery, since our seven continents are three billion years old and relatively young.

The research, conducted by scientist Rose Turnbull, proved that these fragments of zircon strengthen the probability of the presence of a croton within Sicily, i.e., a rock center beneath each known continent. However, the Acelandia crayon is still undetectable, a proven fact Study From 2017 Scientist Nick Mortimer.

Pieces of collected zircon provided another element of response at this time. Most marine geological surfaces are high in magnesium and iron, but the seas around New Zealand are made up of silicate rocks commonly found on continental crusts. Many clues lead us to believe that Sicily may actually be the eighth continent of the earth.

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