May 20, 2024

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A new iPhone function will help you avoid feeling dizzy in the car

A new iPhone function will help you avoid feeling dizzy in the car

Many users get carsick while reading or using a mobile device. The causes are very diverse, and the level of dizziness depends a lot on each person. Apple wants to help those with this problem alleviate it, at least in part, with a new feature coming to iPhone and iPad with iOS 18.

Vehicle Traffic Signals, as this new function is called, will be available on both iPhone and iPad. Apple refers to it as An experience that can help treat motion sickness in moving vehicles. Dizziness, caused by the sensory conflict between what a person sees and what they feel, prevents many users from using mobile devices, which is something Apple wants to solve.

This Apple function seems to work very simply, but in fact it uses all the sensors in the device. It consists of a series of moving dots that appear on the edges of the screen and move across it without affecting the content.

Vehicle traffic signals recognize when a user is using an iPhone in the car

The function recognizes when the user is in a moving vehicle and responds accordingly, i.e. the dots move based on how the vehicle is moving to help the user maintain coherence between what they see and what they feel:

In addition, as Apple has confirmed, the vehicle’s motion signalsIt can be activated automatically when it detects motion In the car or manually through the control center.

The company confirmed that it is a new option, in addition to the options it recently introduced Accessibility It will arrive later this year, so it looks like it will be part of the list of new features in iOS 18, although Apple has not explicitly confirmed this.

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Last year around this time also introduced several new features that we saw confirmed later at WWDC and in the first betas of iOS 17, which today are already available to everyone, so it’s likely that this new option will happen in the same way.

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