June 20, 2024

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A rare plant bought at auction for over 15,000 euros

A rare plant called Rapidophora tetrasperma, also known as Mini Monstera, sold for 27,100 New Zealand dollars – Approximately 15,915 euros – at auction.

This white plant is native to Thailand and Malaysia. A week-long auction was arranged through the site to find a buyer Trade me, Report CNN, Its article was discovered Slate.F.R. In the last four minutes, the bidder hid behind the nickname of Meridianlamp and the bid increased until the bid was won. “The Plants It has over 102,000 views and over 1,600 watch lists, which shows how much Kiwis love houseplants, ”said a spokesman for the site on the American TV channel. A total of 248 offers were made.

The plant is weak because … “used”

In an article, The Independent There are a number of reasons why potential buyers are pushed to betFriday Buy this plant. It has been explained that it is a variation of the plant, in other words, the different colors of the leaves, which are caused by the mutation of the cells, which provoked such excitement. According to the website where the sale took place, this famous plant has eight leaves and, ninth, is expanding. Each leaf has the best variation as the stem, and is well rooted in a 14cm pot.

This excitement is hard to understand, but the same: seller Hurley 88, in his ad, sternly advised the buyer Come and collect the plant by hand In Auckland… because it is “used”.

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