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A secret trick that reveals the battery health of any Xiaomi phone

A secret trick that reveals the battery health of any Xiaomi phone

The trick only works on devices from this Chinese brand. (Xiaomi)

The battery plays a crucial role in the performance of a mobile phone by storing and distributing energy so that it can function properly.

For this reason, manufacturers often integrate secret functions into smartphones that allow users to check the battery health. Xiaomi It is one of the brands that provides this possibility; However, many users do not know how to access this hidden menu.

This function to check the battery status is not limited to smartphones only XiaomiBut it is also available on mobile devices made by Poco. The only requirement to access this function is that the device uses at least the Android 9 operating system or the MIUI 10 personalization layer.

If the user owns a smartphone running HyperOS, the new operating system found on Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco devices, this trick can be used without problems.

POCO devices also have this secret menu. (Xiaomi)

The only exception is those users with very old devices running Android 8, also known as Android Oreo, a system Google launched in 2017 for mobile devices.

Unlike other online methods that require installation of third-party applications, andIn this case, it is not necessary to download any application on the smartphonesince it is a function natively built-in by Xiaomi.

As long as the device meets the above requirements, the user just needs to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the phone app.
  2. When the keypad appears to dial a number, enter the following code: *#*#6485#*#*
This secret Xiaomi menu shows the real status of the battery. (Xiaomi)

The user will be taken to the battery information menu, where he can find relevant data about the cell phone battery status.

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In this menu, you can view information such as the current charge level, voltage, charge percentage, and battery health status.

When accessing the “Battery Information” menu, the user will find that it is divided into icons that begin with the abbreviation MB, MF, or MU. The most relevant points are detailed below:

  • MB_00/MF_01: Indicates the percentage of battery charge.
  • MB_01/MP_03: Indicates whether the cell phone is charging or downloading.
  • MB_06: Displays the health status of the battery. If it is not in “good” condition, it is recommended to replace it.
  • MF_02: Detects the number of charging cycles the battery has gone through.
  • MF_05: Reports the current power capacity of the battery.
  • MF_06: Details of factory battery capacity and any changes that have occurred over time.
  • MU_00: Determines the type of connection used to charge the battery.
  • MU_01: Confirms there is a connected power supply and checks the current is sufficient.
The secret battery menu indicates whether the cell phone is already charging. (Xiaomi)

To extend the battery life of your Xiaomi cell phone, it is important to follow some practical tips.

Firstly, It is recommended to optimize charging by avoiding keeping the phone plugged in for long periodsBecause this may lead to an increase in the battery temperature and reduce its lifespan. It is preferable to charge the device when the battery is less than 80% and disconnect it when it reaches 100%.

In addition, you should always use original or certified Xiaomi chargers to avoid battery damage and ensure safe and efficient charging. It is also necessary to control the phone's temperature, and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures that could negatively affect the battery.

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Updating your phone software can provide battery management improvements and improve battery performance. finally, Limit the use of power features, such as reducing screen brightness or disabling unnecessary featuresIt can help reduce power consumption and extend battery life.