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A shark jumps overboard and creates panic in New Zealanders

A shark jumps overboard and creates panic in New Zealanders

Moments of panic Aboard a small fishing boat in New Zealand last weekend, in the middle of a day of recreational fishing, they experienced a giant shark jumping over the bow. No major risk to residentsIt created awe and impact because of its size and the way it surprised those present.

According to international media, the events of November 6 took place in the sea near Waitianka Beach, when the giant animal jumped and remained on the surface of a boat owned by a boat rental company for several minutes. Yachts Church’s Charter NZCompany that is responsible A group of tourists decided to live the experience of ‘fishing’ in the open sea.

As described by the ship’s captain in reports collected by local mediaNew Zealand Herald’, The fact that some tourists celebrated a fish sting; However, at that moment, a giant shark surprised them, jumped into the boat, and luckily, in an area where there were no fishermen, it separated from them. Wide windshield of the vehicle.

“We had a huge scare,” warned the boat’s captain, a man identified by local media Churches.

About the shark involved in this case, the international media has mentioned that it is a species of animal.Mako‘, owing to its size, made a great noise as it fell upon the ship, unleashing the terror of those on board, and amidst their struggle to return to the water, The animal caused some havoc and bared its powerful jaw.

However, the reality beyond the experience of those on board could be appreciated by the rest of the world, thanks to the case being recorded on video later. It went viral on social media.

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This video shows the shark, which is about 8 feet long and weighs about 330 pounds, struggling to get back into the water.

Although some expressed willingness to help the animal return to the water in time, none of them dared. The ferocity of the animals and the power the ship was able to demonstrate on the surface.

However, after a few minutes of agony and some damage to the boat, the shark managed to return to the water on its own, according to local media.

Regarding this type of animal, mako sharks, local media have mentioned that it is a predatory species, Very aggressiveand the surprising fact may be derived from the regular practice of these animals, which, during their hunting operations, reach important heights out of the sea.

Makos are considered the fastest sharks and can reach up to 12 feet in length.

Months earlier, a similar event, but on a less elaborate yacht, took place during Whale Watching on the White Horse Beach In Plymouth, Massachusetts, the protagonist of the serendipitous event is precisely one of those animals, significantly heavier than the shark in the New Zealand case.

Fortunately, in the case cited in the United States, the whale’s jump and impact against the boat did not cause major damage to the boat or its occupants, allowing them to continue sailing.

In this situation, the incident which was applauded by the people on other boats in the area has caused pain. whale jumping, He also captured the event on video.