August 7, 2022

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Absences in the recent 'Secret Story' debate: Why did Sandra Pica, Lucia Parenti and Edmundo disappear?  |  Film and Television

Absences in the recent ‘Secret Story’ debate: Why did Sandra Pica, Lucia Parenti and Edmundo disappear? | Film and Television

now yes: secret story it’s over. At least his first known problem with faces – his file unknown version This imminent month of January will arrive, after Sandra Pica has been announced as award winning domains Luca Onstini as Really great winner. But there was still one last great debate.

After the last concert, two very specific content was programmed that focused on coordinating the discussion. One will revolve around the four finalists of the competition – Louis Rollin, Gemmeliers, Christina Porta and Luca Onstini – while the other will be a debate where all the participants see each other’s faces again and talk about everything. that happened at home. So, Not many expected to miss three contestants.

Looking at the sofa set, Immediately, Sandra Pica, Lucia Parenti and Edmundo Aroset were absent. Although the audience initially requested appropriate explanations, Carlos Sopra Take care to reveal the reason for the absence as their names appear in the content they prepared in the list. The first to appear is Sandra Becca, although her reasons have been on her Twitter profile for a few days:

It appears that the previous participant in The island of temptations Not spared the sharp rise in infections in recent weeks, he had to confine himself to his room until the illness passed. like is logic, cannot attend the discussion, But he did not hesitate to call via video call to talk about how he got the ball that awarded him €50,000 or the evolution of his relationship with Julen.

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About Edmundo and Lucia Barnett

previous from Maria Teresa Campos She also had her time in the debate. So he recorded a video with a picture Chiquito de la Calzada In the background, by the way – which he hung out to be aware of how the competition was going to end and to be happy for all his comrades. In fact, without even calling him live, he was one of the stars of the night when presenter Sophia Christo asked about a hypothetical relationship with her mother, Barbara Rig. in his absence Supra claimed that he was not present that night “due to life circumstances which prevented him”.

After that, he continued the program, although he did not justify what could be the most controversial lack of discussion: that Lucia Parenti. Many users in networks can not avoid linking their lack of The big battle what was with Jorge Javier Vazquez At the end of secret story. As a result of his accusing her of being a liar and accusing him of being a “bully,” she was kicked off the set and never seen again all night.

Followers of the program were able to verify that it was neither her nor her daughter Alba Cario They have no problem saying things to their face, So it is not unreasonable to think that they can talk on social networks about it. However, since the accident, they have not made a frank statement about what happened.