June 28, 2022

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According to Martin, Game of Thrones should have 10 seasons

According to Martin, Game of Thrones should have 10 seasons

¿ropes game of Thrones Or have you already forgotten about it? look Controversial series endingMany of us would have preferred it to last for up to 10 seasons, which was George R.R. Martin’s idea.

author A song of thread and fire He flew to New York, according to from the inside, to beg an HBO executive to do so. Wanted 10 seasons of game of Thrones A total of 100 chapters. There are no abbreviated seasons. 73 episodes were too few for this story.

Here’s what the writer’s agent, Paul Haas, told the book Tinderbox: HBO’s relentless pursuit of new heights (“HBO’s Ruthless Pursuit of New Frontiers”), by journalist James Andrew Miller, who has given 757 interviews including Martin, his agent, and Richard Blair, former CEO of HBO.

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At the time, Martin had already told Variety that he figured there was a story to go on game of Thrones Up to 13 seasons. He was convinced that there was enough material for it, that it was necessary, that it was the only way to give the audience the most satisfying and entertaining experience possible, etc. But that was not possible. And that HBO executives would be more than happy to have more seasons of the series, because we wouldn’t deny that we all would have eaten them up. But Daniel Benioff and DB Weiss the offer From the series – they had other plans. “After all these years, they were tired, and for good reason,” Haas said.

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With the unfinished saga of books – Martin worked on it Winter winds, the sixth of seven scheduled installments – Kuttab game of Thrones They were thrown in a different direction than the books that started at the end of Season 4. And we all know where that path has led, early in the year. season 8 game of Thrones.

According to Haas, “After season five, George started worrying about the way things were going, because he knew where the story should go. He started saying, ‘You don’t follow my example.’ So the question was inevitable: Would he have gotten better? game of Thrones Ten seasons and a hundred chapters? God yes.


The problem at the end game of Thrones, And above all the controversial and sudden change in the Daenerys was precisely the lack of space for the development of their intrigues. It doesn’t matter whether or not Daniel Benioff and D.B. Weiss – who became Martin’s best friends – followed the writer’s plan for their characters. The question is not whether or not Jon, Daenerys, Arya, Cersei, Tyrion and the other characters should have had the series end, but how they got there.

He could have given another two seasons game of Thrones The opportunity to plant all these arcs more carefully and make the fate of each of its characters more reasonable. He could also have traveled to solve the problem Those things that didn’t work out game of Thrones, They could also have worked a little more on everything What we wanted to see last season.

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If they did, the ending might not have been the shocking it was, which ended up becoming a cult teacher, but it would have disappointed far fewer fans. And dozens of smartas like the screenwriter who rewrote it alternate ending. The problem was a long one. 10 seasons. 100 chapters. excellent.

I hope they take that into account in the show’s show, Dragon House. After all, George RR Martin is one of the founders of the project. Who knows, maybe even fix those little things that should have been fixed in two more seasons game of Thrones.

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