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ACS enters New Zealand’s largest hospital project worth 80 880 million

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Simic, an Australian subsidiary of ACS, will participate in the largest hospital project in New Zealand history. Total implementation budget of NZ $ 1.47 billionThe current exchange rate is about 880 million euros.

The company, led by Juan Santa Maria, has been temporarily awarded the contract to build one of the buildings that will make up the new New Dunedin Hospital campus. This is a The deal is expected to be finalized in 2023, CBP Contractors, a subsidiary of SIMIC, will complete work on April 2028, when the new building is expected to open.

“Our skills in the planning, technology and design of hospital institutions will be supported by the Ministry of Health and the Southern District Health Board. Reach a new hospital It incorporates technology and processes that enhance performance and the experience of patients and staff, ”says Santa Maria.

The inpatient building, managed by CPB, will support its role as a tertiary university hospital, providing state-of-the-art medical facilities, excellent service delivery. It will have 421 beds And will be built in the city of Dunedin.

CBP contractors have already completed two hospital projects in New Zealand and Australia, including the upgrading of the Waibaba building (formerly the Acute Services Building) at Christchurch Hospital, North Coast Hospital in Sydney and Nabian Hospitals, Wagah Wagah, Coffey. Port and Campbelltown in Australia.

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