May 22, 2022

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Alain Delon wants to resort to euthanasia to end his life

Alain Delon wants to resort to euthanasia to end his life

“Getting old is annoying!” “I am for euthanasia.” In this way he admits French actor Alain Delon He asked his son to be in charge of organizing the whole process and accompany him in his last moments.

French actor Anthony DillonThe legend’s son, Alain Delon, revealed this week that his father, who turned 86 in November, has voluntarily decided to end his life by… mercy killing.

lately interviewsAlain Delon declared that he would not hesitate to resort to euthanasia if necessary.

“I support (euthanasia). First because I live in Switzerland, where euthanasia is legal, and also because I think it’s the most logical and natural thing that can be done.” Artist In an interview with a local TV channel.

“From a certain age, from a certain moment, one has the right to go quietly, without going through hospitals, injections and the rest …” Dillon declared. And he admitted he had already done it will so that you have legacy He does not become a subject of contention among his relatives.

After suffering a double blow In 2019, the actor has been recovering little by little and is already feeling much better, although he has to walk with a cane, RT reports.

Dillon said before he got old Hospital treatment Three years ago. “You can’t do anything about it, it gives age. Lose your face, lose your sight. Woke up, damn it, your ankle hurts” the actor.

In January 2021, the artist’s ex-wife passed away, Natalie Dillon, which also belongs to the world of cinema. women suffered Pancreas cancer And like her ex-husband, she wanted to end her life mercy killing. It is possible that his death prompted Dillon to make that decision now, as some media outlets have pointed out.

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