May 18, 2024

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Alan Wake II could bring news about its first downloadable content (DLC) very soon

Alan Wake II could bring news about its first downloadable content (DLC) very soon

Last year saw great deliveries in the world of video games and one of them was Alan Wake II. On this occasion, according to information from its director, details of its DLC may arrive very soon

One of the big games of 2023 could deliver news of its new content very soon. We are talking to you about Alan Wake 2, one of the most anticipated games by many people who fell in love with the story presented by the first part. Of course, this game was nominated for the best game of the year and now, Sam Lake, the director and actor of the game itself has revealed that. He finished his motion capture content. This may indicate that you will be very close to learning the news.

Remedy's title was a real success, but that doesn't mean the team didn't think about decisions that didn't fit the game well, like removing one of the most talked-about scenes in the game, which It ended up being a real success.. The story that Alan Wake 2 tells is truly impressive and has left millions of players speechless, especially those who actually enjoyed the 2010 classic for the first time.

Alan Wake 2 may soon provide details of its first DLC

As we told you at the beginning of the news, this information comes directly from the game director. Sam Lake, also known for his roles in Alan Wake. On this occasion, he confirmed this through his official Twitter account Your part of the work on the game's first DLC has already been doneAt least when it comes to motion capture. Just below these lines, we will leave you the official information so that you can also take a look at it and thus not miss any details.

Do a T pose! This is the conclusion for me as an actor in Alan Wake 2. The last DLC action shoot has come to an end. What an experience.

As you saw, Alan Wake's story is far from over Best of all, the DLC won't be the last thing you enjoy from this writer. Remedy has apparently confirmed that they will be expanding the Alan Wake franchise in the future, so there may still be plenty of story to tell. Something that honestly wouldn't be surprising, since the reception of the title is really impressive and has become a cult epic for a lot of people.