May 20, 2024

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ALBA-TCP demands respect for the asylum status granted by Mexico to Glass (+Post)

ALBA-TCP demands respect for the asylum status granted by Mexico to Glass (+Post)

The Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of Latin America – People's Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) noted in a statement that the measure taken on April 5 was “unjustified” and had previously been condemned by the integration bloc and questioned by Latin American and Caribbean countries.

The mechanism, made up of 10 countries in the region, showed its “full support” for Mexico regarding the request for provisional measures submitted to the International Court of Justice.

They ask Ecuador to refrain from actions that might harm Mexico's rights in any future decision of the International Court of Justice on the case in question, and to “avoid any act or behavior that could lead to aggravation of the ongoing controversy.”

The coalition reiterated that the kidnapping of Glass and the subsequent measures taken against him constitute a violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and other rules of international law.

The Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Latin America – International Trade Treaty strongly rejects the “brutal application of jus solifa (lawfare)” – attached to the declaration of Latin America and the Caribbean as a zone of peace, the Charter of the United Nations and international law – praises the “procedures” and international legal procedures “conducted To ensure the life and safety of the former Ecuadorian Vice President.

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The statement stressed the need for the State of Ecuador to withdraw from these events that “attack peace and stability in the region” and issue a safe action that is legally consistent with former Vice President Glass.