August 15, 2022

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Alex Caruso, Big Debut and Chance to Play a Key Role as Agent and Glue for the Chicago Bulls | Mexico

Alex Caruso, Big Debut and Chance to Play a Key Role as Agent and Glue for the Chicago Bulls | Mexico

Alex Caruso He had one of the best career development and career development stories. From the complete unknown to the viral phenomenon. From the bottom of the rotation of the hero with strong contributions from the intangible. And now, far from Los Angeles, it was before The big challenge of earning his name and consideration is outside the influence and leadership that the Lakers enjoy. employment Chicago Bulls, his new home, who was born in Texas has the opportunity to do so based on the job and the opportunity that is presented to him.

The ambitious Illinois market, which also added to Lonzo Paul E Demar DeRozanThe team set a high level of expectations. Most hope they can make one of the biggest leaps between seasons, with the groundwork for a qualification to the playoffs that hasn’t happened since 2017, and some even rejoice. Watch Billy Donovan with the potential to break into the top four in the East. Of course, it will depend on the suitability and development of the group, which, for the most part, is just getting to know each other when it comes to playing and participating on the field, although the first test was not the most satisfactory, with a Balisa Anti Cleveland Cavaliers (131-95) which not only featured an exciting version of the top four (Lonzo Ball, DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine and Nikola Vucevic), but made an impressive debut from the former Lakers.

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Everything seems to indicate that Caruso has a chance to be Commander of the second unit bulls, assuming a leadership role with the ball he may not have had in his career. And of course, if his intangibles, intelligence, and defensive versatility were added to that, the role could expand even further, especially in the early weeks of the course, where the absence of Patrick Williams (expected as a starting force forward) would be void, the Test coach called, and one of them was Caruso ties in with the top four contenders in the second quarter finale against the Cleveland team. The show was amazing.

“We wanted to see what it would be like if we had to finish the match Lonzo, Zach, DeMar, and Alex y Vooch. We have height, Alex is a good defender… We wanted to see how he trains tonight, thanks to that I didn’t use that lineup in practice, but I wanted to see it. We will use the following games to give continuity to these people.” Donovan admitted after the meeting. Those last little over 5 minutes into the first half were great for the bull with those fives: 22-11 partial, with 10-14 field, 8 assists and Carso who prevailed as driver, particularly in transition to lead two notable actions, reaching out to DeRozan for a tailgate and with LaVine for an alley oop.

Now, Caruso has already shown at the Lakers that he can blend in with and even empower the main actors in his qualities, but there are indications that in Chicago he will have more freedom to lead and generate with the ball. From his first entry, he could be seen playing a different pick and roll game in which he found advantages for his teammates in an efficient and meticulous manner. For something at the end of the first half he already had 6 passes under his belt…

“We have a lot of playmakers and a team with good intelligence to know what we have to do”Donovan noted. And of course, one of them is Caruso, who completed his production with 10 points (2-3 doubles, 2-3 triples), 2 rebounds, 10 assists, 1 steal and no losses in 20 minutes of action. But of course, the most important thing beyond numbers is the sensations, and they seem to go towards the aspect of giving more weight to a player who has been building his way up little by little but steadily.

Are you ready for the Carushow in Chicago? The Bulls are excited about someone who can be essential to building a solid build, as his tireless and self-sacrificing DNA is always vital to any aspiring team.

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