March 1, 2024

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Alfredo Arias: “The Colombian League is the hardest ever”

Alfredo Arias: “The Colombian League is the hardest ever”

In the run-up to the major Colombian football final, Alfredo Arias, coach Independent MedellinHe was a special guest at ESPN F90 To talk about his team and was consulted about the tournament system, which even the champions of the competition themselves questioned.

Arias has extensive experience in the world of football and has played in many finals. However, the Uruguayan pointed out that this tournament in Colombia seems more complicated due to the format and number of matches.

“We have reached other places and it is true that you feel happy when you reach the final but it is painful when you lose. When you win you do not learn anything. This is the most competitive tournament we have ever faced.. In other countries, you already know that you have to be above two to fight or defeat this or that. Here you can beat those two or three for six months, arrive first and start another different competition, back and forth with a home run. If you pass that, you have another competition, which is the 100m flat. This is the hardest and most competitive of all the tournaments. Colombian League This is the hardest of all“Where it’s hard to be a champion,” he said.

Regarding how to improve the tournament, Arias shared the opinion of his other teammates and noted: “It can be improved if we improve the calendar. It is difficult because television needs networks full of matches. Even Guardiola said that, he is much better than us in terms of trips. It’s difficult because there’s so much competition. When you’re in good shape, you can’t pinpoint anything. In Cali, players died due to the three-way competition. Gamero actually said he felt it pained him that Millonarios did well. “We have to look for something that does not burden a team that is performing well in matches.”

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