July 5, 2022

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núcleo AMD K12 basado en ARM

“AMD stupidly canceled the ARM K12 CPU after leaving the company”

Jim Keeler, The well-known microprocessor engineer, who was behind the architectures that brought AMD Ryzen and Intel Alder Lake processors to life, is now in the news after revealing at a conference that AMD has decided to “stupidly cancelYour CPU project ARM K12 After leaving the company.

Although Jim Keller announced that he was behind the development of the Zen, Zen2 and Zen3 architectures, all the work on some ARM K12 cores has finally been dumped by AMD, something that could cost him dearly if we look What should an apple do? With the ARM architecture, and that other manufacturers follow the same steps, because everything points to this in the future ARM, and even RISC-Vthey will be a serious alternative to the current x86 architecture.

without going any further, Intel has partnered with SiFive To promote the release of high-performance RISC-V platforms, or of course, Jim Keller himself indicated a few months ago that if he wanted to build a PC today, I would choose the RISC-V architecture to create your handler.

In this way, Jim Keller explains that the ARM K12 CPU project was canceled after it was left by some managers. As he himself says, most managers They are afraid to change thingsbut being an architect, he’s not afraid of these kinds of changes and the work he’s done during his time at AMD has been”funny“.

AMD K12 processors were originally scheduled to arrive in 2017 Based on the ARMv8 architecture, i.e. 3 years ago That the first Apple Silicon processor, which is Apple M1You will reach the market. Now, without processors based on the ARM architecture, AMD is redesigning its x86 cores to try to compete in the same segment as ARM, a clear example is Zen4cZen4 core has been downgraded to try to compete with ARM in terms of server power efficiency.

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