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Ana Paula Consorti is still at the hotel where Paulo Guerrero is: “They could have met and we would probably see her at the match”

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In the June 6 issue of Majali TV La Firme, Medina Majali He explained the situation Anna Paula ConsortiWho continues with his children in the hotel where he concentrates Paulo Guerrero With the Peruvian national team before the match Peru vs Paraguay.

The report issued by the program indicates that the Brazilian stays in the hotel with her children, and only goes out on some occasions. In the pictures you can see Anna Paula Consorti Picking up and bringing their children from home Mrs. Peta. After that, he goes out to eat again, always with his three children.

Ana Paula Consorti postpones returning to Brazil and visiting Doña Pita with her children. (Photo by: Magaly TV La Firme)

As mentioned, this has been speculated Anna Paula Consorti I will travel to Brazil next Paulo Guerrero He would sign a supposed release so his children could travel. However, to the surprise of many, the Brazilian continues in Lima.

“It seems that he changed his mind. “We consulted some sources, because in hotels the walls have ears, they would have told us that they were going to meet, and they were going to meet where the waters calmed down,” Majali Medina said, stressing that the matter would not seem strange to her. That a reconciliation had taken place and that the Brazilian would arrive. With her children to the playground where Paulo Guerrero He will play against Paraguay on Friday, June 7.

Ana Paula Consorti is still at the hotel where Paulo Guerrero is and they speculate about a reconciliation.

“So let’s not worry because on Friday, the day of the match, it’s very likely that we’ll see her sitting there with her kids, just like she usually goes to the stadiums to watch Paolo play. “So it’s very likely that we’ll see her there,” the driver said, sounding annoyed at the couple’s comings and goings. Friday”.

Anna Paula Consorti And Paulo Guerrero They have become a news-making media duo with their continued estrangement. When this was thought to be the final confrontation, she left Trujillo and traveled to Lima to have him sign a release for his children, It was the final break. The Brazilian and the footballer surprise with a clear affinity.

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The model never left and decided to stay in Lima, staying in the same hotel where the father of her children trains with the Peruvian team. Surprisingly, she chose this place to stay instead of choosing to rest at her mother-in-law’s house Mrs. Petaespecially for the comfort of your children.

Ana Paula Consorti postpones returning to Brazil and visiting Doña Pita with her children. (Photo by: Magaly TV La Firme)

It should be noted that the hotel, according to a report issued by it Majali TV La Firme, It does not have entertainment centers, it only has a swimming pool.

“We do not know what she did throughout these long, isolated hours with her young children. Perhaps she went to the gym inside the institution or to the swimming pool with her children, but with this cold, because we do not see more entertainment spaces on the site. He did not even go out with his little ones in A walk to get some air. He only left around 10 at night with all his spots and went to a restaurant in San Isidro just blocks away from the hotel,” it can be heard in the report. TV Majali La Firme.

On Thursday morning, the program’s correspondent was able to intercept him anna paola consorti, But she entered the building without giving a statement.

“She drives the truck herself, and after leaving her mother-in-law’s house she returns to the hotel without saying anything. “It is clear that Jarota has no desire to live in a hotel for several days,” the memo concluded.

Ana Paula Consorti is staying with her children at the hotel where Paulo Guerrero is staying. Instagram.
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