July 5, 2022

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Anti-vaccine protesters oppose McCarena in New Zealand

Anti-vaccine protesters oppose McCarena in New Zealand

Neither Hurricane Dovey nor Hurricane had the ability to disperse anti-vaccine protesters camped outside the New Zealand Parliament.

As a measure against Struggle Week, Wellington Parliament Speaker Trevor Mallard linked the track to educational news on Barry Manilov’s hits and Govt-19. The protesters retaliated by dancing to the music.

Prime Minister Jacintha ArternHe expressed his disgust: “From what I have seen today, those who continue to occupy the entrance to Parliament and are currently obstructing the free movement of Wellington citizens are referring to what they demand in their petitions and demands. The people of New Zealand must eliminate all public health measures.”

British singer James Blunt tweeted to the New Zealand Police that “keep in mind if the tactic does not work”. By Sunday afternoon, his hit “You’re Beautiful” was already on the playlist.

The demonstration was inspired by people in Canada and the United States. It arises as a protest against control measures to deal with Govt-19 disease in New Zealand. In particular, the opposite Mandatory vaccination for some industries Such as teachers, doctors, nurses, police or the military. All this at a time when epidemics are on the rise in the country.

“They tell us it’s a decision, it’s your choice that you lost your job. Okay, sorry, but to say that someone may die or lose their job because of this vaccine … I do not see how that could be the election, “said Cindy, one of the protesters.

At present, it is unknown when the struggle will end. What is clear is that no matter how unpleasant the music is or how strong the storm is, something stronger will be needed to eliminate the opponents.

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