June 23, 2024

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Apple launches artificial intelligence products – Telemundo Washington DC (44)

Apple launches artificial intelligence products – Telemundo Washington DC (44)

NEW YORK – Apple is preparing to launch the first wave of user-oriented artificial intelligence (AI) products at its annual WWDC developer conference starting Monday, according to the trade press.

Among the announcements is that Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, may present in his speech a major artificial intelligence update for his assistant Siri, which will reach users next year as an update to iOS 18, according to Bloomberg.

It is possible that the new version of Siri – released in 2011 – can analyze the user’s phone activity, such as messages or notes. According to the media, initially Siri will only be able to control functions in applications created by Apple.

Right now, Siri will only be able to process one command at a time, but Apple will be working on making the assistant able to handle multiple tasks in a single request.

“We expect Apple to unveil the largest and most significant overhaul of its AI-powered software at WWDC 2024,” Morgan Stanley analyst Eric Woodring wrote in his report this week.

Apple’s proprietary Large Language Model (LLM), called Ajax, powers these features. Apple has been using artificial intelligence to power its devices for years, but this will be the first time it has announced it.

Experts also point out that Apple’s new phone, the iPhone 16, will come equipped with artificial intelligence on the device, meaning that it will be able to process the artificial intelligence algorithms in the phone’s hardware.

Both Samsung and Pixel launched smartphones powered by Google AI last year.

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It is possible that Apple will also announce an agreement with leading companies in the field of artificial intelligence, such as the American companies Google, OpenAI, and Anthropic, or the Chinese company Baidu. It can also open up its ecosystem to all AI developers for deep integration into their devices, according to a Bloomberg report.

Other announcements to expect at WWDC, according to the outlet, are two new AirPods models and a new password app that will allow users to manage their login information.