May 22, 2022

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Arbitrum One is officially launched on the mainnet

Arbitrum One is officially launched on the mainnet

The generation of scalability and efficiency is reaching its peak thanks to the widespread adoption of the decentralized finance ecosystem, currently, after operations in the testnet, Arbitrum One, the Optimistic Rollup of Layer 2 for the Ethereum network, is being rolled out to mainnet.

The announcement was officially made on August 31 via the official networks of one rule where the release and subsequent release of Layer 2 are defined with an extension Report detailed and specific.

Source: Twitter

More than 400 groups of developers

The team has been mentioning it in the ad ever since Arbitrum One centers are open To developers in May, access instructions were sent to mainnet From more than 400 developer groups and Dozens of teams have been seen completing their apps and are thus able to stay current on the network.

On the other hand, it is stated that although the “whitelist” has been removed today, this does not mean that all projects will choose to start work immediately.

Arbiter One Portal It is the official page to follow the progress of current and future releases on Arbitrum One, Several projects are expected to be launched in mainnet Today and we have more projects launched in the coming days or weeks:

“When projects are published, we will link to them directly from the portal and add new projects so we can identify them.”

It’s important to understand that Arbitrum One is still in beta, and the core team will be closely monitoring the launch and maintaining the ability to make rapid updates. And even pause the system in case users and the network need to be protected.

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Transactions are much cheaper than Ethereum L1

Since Arbitrum is a new and modern system, it is important to maintain these controls for the time being as this is the most responsible way to launch, String information provider L2Beat It is an excellent resource for understanding the status and compensation of various L2s.

In particular, today’s launch will have a speed limit similar to the launch of Ethereum on L1, and it’s called the gas meter argas And Levels can be followed in a similar way but obviously on a more economical level accessible to all users.

Transactions on Arbitrum will be significantly cheaper than on Ethereum’s L1, but it is important to note that,If network capacity is reached, L2 can become congested and rates can increase.

The main objective over the coming weeks and months will be to work to sustainably increase these limits.

This launch is just the first step in Arbitrum One as an Ethereum Layer 2 solution under optimized convolution mode, The official team stated that this beta version will have a performance and playback evaluation periodThis stage will be under strict supervision and control.

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