July 1, 2022

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Astrolab: The wine that comes to capture our palate from distant New Zealand |  Wines |  Giovanni Pisso |  Easy Stories |  ARE

Astrolab: The wine that comes to capture our palate from distant New Zealand | Wines | Giovanni Pisso | Easy Stories | ARE

When winemaker Simon Wagorn wanted to start his own winery in 1996, he chose the name Astrolab because of its historical connections with Marlborough and the meaning of its research and discoveries.

Simon Wagorn has been refining his craft for four decades and has established the main style of Savignon Plank that reflects the unparalleled diversity of vineyard looks. Careful site selection, expert decision making, delicate fruit handling and ingenious blending are the hallmarks of their Marlborough wines. Simon’s unique style defines astrolabe wines: attention, balance and elegance. They have a range of beautiful wines that express the purity and intensity of the fruit flavors offered by the climate and soil of the Marlborough region.

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All the grapes come from ten families, they live on their land and do sustainable farming. Many of the relationships with the producers have been maintained for over twenty years. You work with dedicated farmers who understand the rhythms of the land and know how to grow grapes that express fear. These sites are spread over the suburbs of Marlboro, giving a variety of soils and meso-climatic diversity. Each vineyard was selected for the unique taste it produced.

The look of the grapes from the unique Marlborough sites is clearly different, carefully selected to add complexity and integrity to the wines. Inspired by the unique qualities of the subdivisions of Simon Valley, they blend elegantly or as part of the Marlborough Classic. Simon’s skill and experience all capture the essence of Marlboro in wines with purity, concentration and elegance.

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The history of the Kēkerengū Coast Sauvignon Blanc is indeed defined by where it is found: outside the borders of regular Marlborough. It is grown in calcareous soils not found in the Virav or Outer valleys. Kēkerengū is a short stretch between sea and mountains, and its intense marine climate affects the wine deeply, with early sprouting and late harvesting. This combination of different soil and climatic conditions from other parts of Marlborough gives Savignon Plank a unique expression.

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Astrolabe Valleys Kēkerengū Coast Sauvignon Blanc is made from grapes grown in two vineyards in the coastal Kēkerengū subdivision. Neutral wine yeast strains allow powerful fruit flavors to dominate. A portion of the high solids was mixed with selected grapes and wild barrel fermented wine to add subtle texture and complexity.

All of their wines are dry, but it is completely crystal clear, completely dry, with nothing left. As a result, it has a pretty tasty, delicious, tasty finish, which speaks volumes about the nearby ocean.

See: It is pale yellow with green margins.

Fragrance: There are many floral notes at the beginning with hints of tropical fruits like pineapple, mustard and mango memory.

Taste: It is a fresh wine with a very lively acidity, which gives it a very beachy feel, very summery, but it is also an excellent aperitif at any time.

Linking: Excellent wine like aperitif for salads with acid dressing. A good way to goat cheeses and all dishes with seafood and fresh fish.