April 19, 2024

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Asturias will monitor the incidence of pollution on health

Asturias will monitor the incidence of pollution on health

Oviedo (EFE).- The Ministries of Environmental Transition, Industry, Economic Development and Health will jointly analyze the impact of air pollution on the population and will determine the implementation of epidemiological surveillance and evaluation systems.

The two ministries, through the General Directorate of Public Health, Mental Health Care and Environmental Quality, have established a working group with the University of Oviedo to evaluate the available information in order to prepare a diagnosis, identify possible scenarios and establish an epidemiological surveillance network. And create new business tools.

In this context, the General Directorate of Public Health and Mental Health Care signed an agreement with the University of Oviedo under which the academic institution will conduct an epidemiological study on air quality and its effects on a sensitive population group.

This document will serve as a basis for implementing an epidemiological surveillance system in areas considered highly sensitive, i.e. locations where there is a population at constant risk, such as schools, hospitals or nursing homes.

A method for monitoring pollution-related diseases throughout the community will also be identified, using satellite images and information from air quality stations, among other resources.

The work of the Technical Committee will also support the establishment of new standards regarding the communication of alerts to vulnerable populations.

The objectives set in the agreement with the University of Oviedo are part of the actions envisaged in the Principality's Air Quality Strategic Plan 2023-2030 (PICAPA), specifically in two Action Line 21 measures, related to strengthening research and taking action to harness knowledge about air quality in the community.

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One of the lines stipulates the creation of a special epidemiological surveillance system for diseases associated with air pollution in highly sensitive areas, allowing early detection of health effects. The other foresees the implementation of a global surveillance system for air pollution-related diseases throughout Asturias.

The Health and Environmental Transition Departments are already working together in other areas, under the Health and Environment Plan (Pasima). Evie