May 22, 2022

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Bad Bunny releases 'Un Verano Sin Ti': Everything you need to know about the reggaeton singer's new album |  Lights

Bad Bunny releases ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’: Everything you need to know about the reggaeton singer’s new album | Lights

Puerto Rican artist He was surprised to announce his new studio album “Un Verano Sin Ti” which will be released on Friday, May 6 amid expectations for his upcoming world tour which begins in August and includes two presentations in Our Country.

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This will be the singer’s fifth album after “X 100pre” (2018), “YHLQMDLG” (2020), “Las Que No Iban a Salir” (2020) and “El ltimo Tour Del Mundo” (2020). Here we leave you all that is known so far.

Fifth album details

Earlier this year, Bad Bunny announced that he would begin work on his new album. In the same video, he revealed that he will go on a tour of several countries around the world. His Peruvian followers were further excited when he learned that his “most exciting tour in the world” would also arrive in Lima.

We have to start reducing anxiety and enjoying ourselves more because life is going so fast (…) I was thinking, what if I already announced my next round? So while I work on my new album coming out this year, you guys can buy tickets for my next tour.‘, he says. His girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri and Spanish actor Mario Casas shared the clip.

On February 14, Bad Bunny uploaded a video working on his new album; It also showed Gabriella and Mario Casas spending a moment on the beach, keeping to the theme of this promotion. “Today February 14th will be the first that I don’t release a new song for you…but that’s because I’m working on the new album️. thank you for your love!“, books.

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During the month of March, he also posted two videos on Instagram where he and his team were seen working on the new album. “It’s been two years since ‘YHLQMDLG’ came out and they’re still listening to it and it’s one of their favorite songs. This is a new album I’m working on and I know it will be too.”

At the beginning of April, the reggae player posted a video in which Mario Casas announced that after completing the “Last Tour of the World”, this fifth album would be released. “Notice. Benito just told me that he has the record, and that when the tour is over etc., he will release it. So, guys, we have the damn DISCAZO,” says the actor.

In the middle of that month, Benito released part of a song that will be part of this new album. Along with a clip that collects several pleasant moments for the artist, a reggae melody is heard. “I went on vacation with a lot of beer and songs. A shot of good friends and blessings. And if the day is ugly, you make it more beautiful, and I ask for no more wishes because I have everything I need,” the lyrics say.

Tweet embed

Sorry but I deserve them… ❤️🌊☀️

♬ Original sound – Bad Bunny

A week later, the Puerto Rican used a very special strategy to reveal the name of his fifth album. Online, Bad Bunny posted the 2019 Bugatti Chiron sale and added a contact number.

When fans reached out, they heard an excerpt from one of the bachelors and received a message. “Hello! Thanks for calling. There’s only a little time left for the album to come out. I still can’t tell the date, but I can tell you by name: ‘Summer Without You'”He said.

The artist announced on Twitter that his new album will include 23 songs, describing it as “a stick.” This term refers to the success that your new venture will bring. Thus, after two years without an album release, Bad Bunny finally announced – via social networks – the release date of “Un Verano Sin Ti”: Friday, May 6.

And to excite his followers even more, this Wednesday he revealed the names of his new songs. Among them are “After the beach”, “Tarot”, “I am not jealous”, “Party”, “I went on vacation”, “Two 16th” and “Beautiful eyes”. It also includes collaborations with artists such as Jhay Cortez, Tony Dize, Rauw Alejandro, Bomba Estéreo, The Marías and Buscabulla.

Movie star

Recently, Marvel chose the Grammy Award winner as the lead for “The Dead,” the new movie of the superhero universe. In this way, the reggaeton player becomes the first Latin actor to star in a Marvel action movie. Since the Latin Spider-Man appeared in the animated movie “Spider-Man: A New World”.

The Puerto Rican artist made a brief appearance at Cinema Con, which takes place in Las Vegas, to announce this new adaptation of a superhero from the Marvel factory. The revival of The Dead is unbelievable Sanford Banitch, President of Sony Pictures, said during the screening of the film at the aforementioned event.

Bad Bunny will star in El Muerto, the villain from Marvel’s Spider-Man. (Photo: Marvel)

Juan Carlos Estrada Sanchez is the dead man in the Marvel comics, a masked fighter whose strength lies precisely in this mask, which his family has inherited for generations, as the Marvel website identifies. This character interacted with Spiderman, with whom he starred in a battle in which the Latin superhero was about to reveal Spiderman. Although later, both of them unite to fight El Dorado, the villain who controls the powers of Juan Carlos.

But this isn’t the first time Bad Bunny has taken part in a project for screens. He made his acting debut in a supporting role in Ian Edelman’s “American Soul”, due out next year. Also starring in the film are Pete Davidson, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Camila Mendes and Sidney Sweeney. “We are excited to have Bad Bunny in the movie.”said Vogelson, president of STXfilms Motion Picture Group.

(Photo: Kevin Mazur/AFP)
(Photo: Kevin Mazur/AFP)

Later, he was a part of “Bullet Train”, the movie starring Brad Pitt which was released in theaters in July of this year. In the first trailer, an intense fight is observed between the translator of “Yonagui” and the Oscar winner. Sandra Bullock, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, and Andrew Koji are also in the cast.

Similarly, Bad Bunny was part of the third season of the Netflix series “Narcos”, in November of last year. The greatest translator of the Latin language gave life to Arturo “Kitty” Baez, a gang member of Ramon Arellano Felix. The Puerto Rican artist teamed up with Mexicans Luis Gerardo Mendes, Alberto Guerra and Luisa Rubino.