May 19, 2022

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Barreto announces his comeback with the album "Love is not for the weak" |  Entertainment |  rmmn |  Lights

Barreto announces his comeback with the album “Love is not for the weak” | Entertainment | rmmn | Lights

National group He faces the COVID-19 pandemic and presents his album Love Is Not For The Weak, a record production that marks a new stage for the band. The album is now available on digital platforms.

“Release of this album means a lot to the group, given how rugged the venue was, how long it took to wait and because we gave ourselves more license to experiment with sounds and collaborations. We leave our comfort zone offering a production with a popular sound, to explore further through psychedelic and cumbia in its different aspects in Latin America”The group’s guitarist and composer, Rollo Gallardo, said through a statement.

“Love is not for the weak” comes at a special moment for a rejuvenated Barito willing to go out and present his new songs, With the inclusion of urban artist La Mamba on stage as vocalistwho, together with Jaír Montaño, will add strength to give their voice in the different styles we find on the album.

For the record, the group involved famous local and international artists, such as Esther Dávila “Bartola”, Rossy War and the great Pablo Villanueva “Melcochita”, in which they performed “Te sigo”, “Ay ay ay” and “The Martian”, respectively; While Colombians Maria del Rosario, Chongo and Janio Coronado participate in the “Cumbia Circuit”, “Perdido” and “Swiltam”.

“Love is not for the weak” was recorded between Lima and Bogota by Umberto ChaparroThe production was responsible for Felipe Álvarez and Kike Purizaga performed the vocal production for some of the songs. The album was released on vinyl and distributed digitally by European label A Go Go Records, which specializes in world music.

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He made the album art by Amadeo Gonzales, “Carboncito” which he listened to and was free to capture the spirit of the music in his illustrations. It is, along with the music on the album, a very important part of this work.

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