May 20, 2024

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Beer, the daughter of Baby Gaitan, is in a hospital emergency

Allie Capitello, One of the The daughters of Pepe Gaitan and Eduardo CapitelloShe was afraid of symptoms strange to her health that made her reach the hospital. Quieter, she revealed to her followers through Instagram that from moment to moment she was starting to feel bad and even called her parents from Spain to Mexico to tell them she wasn’t having a good time.

Allie Capitello© @alecapetilloga

The 18-year-old explained that it all started after dating a friend. He recalls on his Instagram Stories: “It was out of nowhere, I don’t know what happened to me, apart from it going up super fast.” “I went to an event and it was fine and out of nowhere, at night, I started to feel cold in my bones, from my feet to my back, I started to feel cold. My bones started to hurt and I said, ‘Something’s going on.”

The first thing that crossed the minds of the girl and her parents was a new infection of COVID-19, as happened last year when she was sick with the virus that turned the whole world upside down. Until Ally thought it was all because of hunger and went to dinner with her friend, but her body kept showing signs of something going on.

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“They were really goosebumps… It was painful to move from the cold I had. Each time I climbed more. I came home and realized it wasn’t normal. I checked my temperature and said, ‘This is a fever.’ He said and did, the temperature was 39 degrees Celsius. I was melting.”

Very bad flu and his parents’ arrangement

“I called my parents and they said ‘You’re going to the hospital now.’ I didn’t want to, I’m afraid of doctors and hospitals and even more so of my family. But my parents told me to leave. Obviously the first question was whether he had A. Covid. They tested me and so far I am negative,” she explained to her followers with satisfaction.

Allie Capitello© @alecapetilloga

Although Ale and his parents were very nervous while waiting for a medical diagnosis of what had happened to him, today they feel calm. “Thank God, negative for Covid. However, I have massive colds, but I am better off,” the young woman explained. And to treat herself, she only needed a remedy at home: “With pure tea I am getting better.”

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