May 27, 2024

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Between Las Poomas, Mendy's first scene and the uncertainty of New Zealand's decision not to travel to Australia

Between Las Poomas, Mendy’s first scene and the uncertainty of New Zealand’s decision not to travel to Australia

Between the ownership of one of the seven members who won bronze in Tokyo 2020 Uncertainty surrounding the future of competition due to new health restrictions in Australia, Puma They are playing their second game Rugby Championship. 12.05pm, with ESPN2 TV, The Springbox, Beat them 32-12 in their debut.

On the same stage a week ago, at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth, Mario Ledesma He should continue to make the transition to the Argentina national team for the 2023 World Cup. So, of the four Olympians who undertook this extensive tour without returning to Argentina until October, two entered the call for the tournament, and one will start.

This is about Ignacio Mendi, The 21-year-old from the back of Los Tillos makes his international debut on the senior national team, while Lucio will face his chance on the Sindhi bench. Instead, Santiago Murray and Marcos Monetta will miss the call and wait for their chance in the next game.

“Mendy shone last week in terms of escape ability. He was one of the most confident players. By the time Mallya arrived, Sokopares had arrived. They were players who would add freshness and energy to the team. There was no pressure beyond him, he showed in training.”Ledesma praised him at a press conference on Thursday.

Mendy won bronze with seven people selected in Tokyo 2020. Photo AP Photo / Suji Kajiyama

Meanwhile, Cindy did not play but was on the team that achieved historic success last year All black. “We see it as 13 rather than one wing. It’s fast but I don’t know if it has much international speed. He brings something that other centers don’t have: long arms and the ability to go into defense. It also has the potential for excessive evasion. He is the third back of the bank ready for multiple operations. “Added.

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The coach confirmed six changes for the introduction. Two types are needed because Matías Moroni (tear) and Facundo Isa, who said goodbye to the match due to a right knee sprain, were injured. The other four tactics: Media Philipp Escura and Nicolas Sanchez, Marcos Kramer and Batista Telgui. In addition to Mendy, they will enter Thomas Lavanini, Gonzalo Bertrano, Domingo Mioti, Mathias Alemanno and Juan Cruz Mallia return full after two suspension dates. It will, in addition to the names, be costling on the levels of Los Puma.

Absent Nico Sanchez That is disgraceful But of course your income will dictate that for a few minutes it will be equal to the score Augustine GreviePuma (89) with the most international appearances so far. Speaking of having Mioti in his place, Ledesma did not indicate a decline in the performance of his regular opening, but rather pointed to the future. “He’s coming in at the last minute. He’s giving us the impression that he’s asking for a clue., He insisted.

Is Europe coming to the rescue?

As Ledesma enters the variations, his pumas show a different image from the introduction, Sansar plans what steps to take as a result of the new health regulations imposed by the Australian government In some parts of their territory, the All Blacks suspended the continuation of the tournament due to not traveling to Perth to play against Australia on Saturday 28th.

The conflict began when the Western Australian province, its capital Perth, ordered a 14-day isolation after a delta strain erupted from New Zealand.

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“Given the uncertainty, it seems reasonable to suspend the planning of those matches and see more clarity. We are 100% committed to playing the full rugby championship in 2021 and are working closely with Sanchez to explore various options.” Cindy Rugby (NZR) CEO Mark Robinson.

All the Blocks put their participation on hold until it was decided to reschedule matches.  Photo by Michael Bradley / AFP

All the Blocks put their participation on hold until it was decided to reschedule matches. Photo by Michael Bradley / AFP

The decision came as a surprise to the Australian Federation, Its chairman Andy Marinos admitted: “It is very disappointing that this decision is being reported through the media, while we have been in talks with the New Zealand Federation for some time.”

In the midst of that controversy, South Africa ran as a host trying to take advantage. “We told the traveler that we were ready to host the rest of the tournament in South Africa. We knew how to organize the tournament. Rugby Respecting health measures, we have the necessary infrastructure and shelter. We are waiting for the green light, “said Jury Rooks, president of the South African Federation.

Another variation emerged in the special media: Europe. Even on the RugbyBoss site it was announced that they would have double dates in Paris, London, Dublin and Cardiff.

“Officially we know nothing. These are all very powerful. We’ve been finding things with droplets. They will let us know within 24 hours. We are still waiting to see how it goes. The good thing about Europe is that we are here at the same time and there is direct flight. Adaptation time is limited.The 8-hour difference with Australia hunsback time, you have to adjust the timing of sleep and training.Here you can travel and you can train regularly every day Next, Ledesma said about a situation that will, of course, add more episodes in the next few hours.

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11 changes in Springbox

South Africa have already made 10 changes from their previous debut match.  Photo AP Photo / Halton Croke

South Africa have already made 10 changes from their previous debut match. Photo AP Photo / Halton Croke

Won world championship rugby championship debut. However, he will move the pieces again for his second game the week before the players return from the series against Las Poomas and the British & Irish Lions.

Coach Jax Ninafar will make eleven changes to his starting XV, while Wing Cheslin Golpe and opener Huntre Pollard have enjoyed retiring. Of the defenders, meanwhile, he will only repeat Cobus Reina.

Thus, that team will form with Willie Le Rooks; Ceslin Golpe, Lucanio Am, Damien de Allende and Magsol Mappimbi; Honderey Pollard and Cobas Reinach; Jasper Wise, Franco Mostard and Sia Collis; Lut of Jagger and Marvin Ori; Thomas to Toid, Malcolm Marx and Trevor Nyagan. On the bench will be Bongi Emponambi, Steven Kitschoff, Franz Mulherby, Nicholas van Rensberg, Kwoka Smith, Don du Preece, Jaden Hendrix and Damien Willemsey.

In the absence of All Blocks, Springbox is in a favorable position to take the lead in the rugby championship. Both New Zealand and South Africa won by an attacking bonus at the start of the match, which combined the best teams in the Southern Hemisphere, although the New Zealanders were in favor by a point difference (+35 against +35).