June 23, 2024

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Bhumitas fell 43-20 to New Zealand in Australia

Bhumitas fell 43-20 to New Zealand in Australia

Bhumitas fell before New Zealand M-20 By 43 to 20, In the second commitment of the two actors Rugby Championship M20. Led by the team Alvaro Galindo He was outclassed by a high-profile rival who scored six high-profile tries. Argentina Next, will stop participating in the competition Sunday, May 12, against South Africa at 0:30 p.m. Watch the match live on Star+.

It’s not the best game for Las Bumitas, but there will be positives for the technical staff to analyze. The start of the match made it clear that the level of competition on the Sunshine Coast afternoon was at a higher level than that faced on the first date. Australia. Attempts at the dawn of the game Dylan Pledger and Malachi Warmbling, Not only did the boys in black handle their hands well, but they also exposed some of the young Argentine’s flaws.

with advantage 14 to 0 In favor of the New Zealanders, Argentina showed their reaction and got a penalty Matteo Fossati And a try from Captain, Efrain Elias, A small reward for the effort of a team that never gave up and it went into half-time 24 to 8, a huge difference for the Albiceleste’s confidence.

In the filling, Las Bumitas stood out and the changes introduced helped it do that. attempts Juan Manuel Vivas and Ignacio Dorado They gave life to the team and turned the score slightly negative. New Zealand It continued to demonstrate its supremacy and new success pledger, Another was added in his stead, Ben O’Donovan, He put up solid figures in a match that, beyond the result, will leave the Argentine boys with a huge amount of learning to do.

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The Boomitas (20): 1- Estanislao Rodríguez, 2- Juan Manuel Vivas, 3- Gael Galvan, 4- Efrain Elias (C), 5- Luciano Asevedo, 6- Julian Rossi, 7- Agustin Sarelli, 8- Juan Pedro Bernasconi, 9 , 10- Mateo Fossati, 11- Timoteo Silva, 12- Tomás Medina, 13- Tomás Bocco, 14- Gregorio Pérez Pardo, 15- Benjamín Elizalde.

They entered: 16- Marcos Camerlinx, 17- Diego Correa, 18- Tomas Rabetti, 19- Alejandro Barrios, 20- Ignacio Dorado, 21- Facundo Rodriguez, 22- Santino De Luca, 23- Franco Rossetto.

Trainers: Alvaro Galindo, Gallo Alvarez Quinones and Carlos Mohab.

New Zealand M20 (43): 1- Will Martin, 2- Vernon Payson (c), 3- Joshua Smith, 4- Cam Christie, 5- Liam Jack, 6- Andrew Smith, 7- Matt Lowe, 8- Malachy Warmbling, 9- Dylan Pledger, 10 – Rico Simpson, 11- Frank Vanuku, 12- Tofuka Banko, 13- Xavi Daley, 14- King Maxwell, 15- Sam Coles.

They entered: 16- Manumawa Letiu, 17- Sika Bol, 18- Gurren Lumanue, 19- Tom Allen, 20- Jonny Lee, 21- Ben O’Donovan, 22- Cooper Grant, 23- Josh Wanga.

Trainer: Jono Gibbs

Point in first time: 1´ Rico Simpson (NZ) by Dylan Pledger, 5´ try Rico Simpson (NZ), 19´ penalty converted by Matteo Fossati (LP), 24´ try Rico Simpson (NZ). ), 29′ try Efarin Elias (LB), 35′ penalty Rico Simpson (NZ),

Part Result: Las Bumitas 8-24 New Zealand

Second Half Points: 4´ try by Rico Simpson (NZ), 11´ try by Juan Manuel Vivas (LP), 44´ try by Santino De Luca (LP) replaced by Ignacio Dorado (LP), 22´ try by Rico Simpson. (NZ), 27th try by Ben O’Donovan (NZ).

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Incidents: 25´ Yellow Luciano Acevedo (LB)

Referee: George Myers (Australia)

Basketball court: Sunshine Coast Stadium