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Big Celebrity Chef: “Chicho” Ibarra and Christian Yesla went to the sentencing night

Big Celebrity Chef: “Chicho” Ibarra and Christian Yesla went to the sentencing night

The series “The Great Celebrity Chef” has ended.

Christian Yesla

The actor was the second convict that night and would accompany Chicho.

Fiorella Caio

The actress managed to save herself and moved to the next level of competition.

“Chicho” Ibarra

The former player received the minimum score and went to punishment night.

Monica Zevallos

He had the highest score of the night with 21 points and was spared penalty.

Painting by Christian Yesla

The actor also seemed comfortable with the final finish of his dish.

Painting by Fiorella Caio

The actress absolutely loved her nightly dish.

A plate of “Chicho” Ibarra

The former player seemed calm with his plate.

Painting by Monica Zevallos

For Monica, her avocados meet expectations.

Participants get served against time

Second period

All four participants must perform Bacon with macaroni and cheese. To do this, they will have 60 minutes of preparation, and at the end, the judges’ scores will be from 1 to 5.

Competition for two additional points

Competitors face each other to put balls into the basket. Whoever managed to enter the largest number of balls received two points more than the score given by the jury. Everyone managed to make only one basket, while he was the winner “Chicho” rises to third place.

Painting by Monica Zevallos

Monica received the highest score after preparing her first dish, receiving 9 points from the jury.

A plate of “Chicho” Ibarra

The sports commentator received the lowest score with 3 points.

Painting by Christian Yesla

The jury awarded 2 points each, for a total of 6 points.

Participants finish their dishes

The contestants started to finish their pancakes, but Christian Tesla failed to serve the egg on one of his plates.

Participants prepare their own pancakes

Monica Zevallos She is considered everyone’s mother because she is always ready to help her classmates, but she can only play with and with flour. Christian Yesla. Fiorella Caio He had to do his preparations again because he made a mistake in the bowl and Zevallos helped him “Chicho.”To separate the yolk from the white.

They started preparing their first dish

Fiorella Cayo, “Chicho” Ibarra, Cristia Yesla, and Monica Zevallos They began searching for ingredients for their first dish.

First dish of the night

the judge Giacomo Bocchio She revealed the first dish that the participants will prepare tonight. they will Pancakes with bacon, eggs and maple syrup. For this preparation, contestants must serve two plates containing four pies each within a time period 60 minutes.

A new season of “The Great Celebrity Chef” begins.

Today tonight will have a USA theme.

What happened on the night of the judiciary?

The four judged participants had to compete in a tough elimination night, where they all achieved flavors that delighted the jury. Renato Rossini, Renato Rossini Jr, Fiorella Caio And Christian Yesla They ran into each other and had to do their best to avoid being kicked off the show.

The first dish they prepared was sangrisita with boiled yuca. The jury recalled that this dish was the first dish prepared in the premiere of the program. Likewise, they commented that on that occasion they did not have a good experience, because the flavor was not what they expected.

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Unlike the first season, the participants in this fourth season showed a better level, so the jury was able to enjoy this dish. Finally, they had to choose a winner, which was… Christian Yesla The person who received the interest.

For the second course of the night, the contestants had to perform a huatia. They seemed surprised to hear about this dish, but fulfilled the order anyway. Unfortunately, the jury had to eliminate one of the participants.

Great famous chef. (Image: Latina Arrested)

Who was the last one to be eliminated?

Renato Rossini Jr It was the last thing to be deleted from the program. The actress failed to convince the jury in the Thursday, October 26 edition, when she faced her father, Fiorella Caio, and Christian Ysla. The judges had to make a difficult decision, as all the contestants did an excellent job, but unfortunately one of them had to leave the cooking show.

Great famous chef. (Image: Latina Arrested)

Where can I watch The Great Celebrity Chef live?

To watch this reality cooking show minute by minute, just listen to the Latina Televisión signal. “Great famous chef” It can be watched for free on Channel 2, the open signal, and we leave you a list of other options for watching it via cable services.

  • DirecTV: Channel 192 (SD/HD) Channel 1192 (HD)
  • Movistar TV: Channel 102 (SD) Channel 702 (HD)
  • Claro TV: Channel 2
  • Best cable: Channel 2.

What time does The Great Celebrity Chef start?

“Great famous chef” It is a cooking reality show that airs from Monday to Saturday Latin. In each program, participants showcase their culinary talents to claim the coveted pot of gold. The TV space, which is in its fourth season, has become one of the most tuned in until 2023. Below we show you the schedules by country for Tuesday, October 24.

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  • Peru: 19:45.
  • Colombia: 19:45.
  • Venezuela: 20:45.
  • Chile: 21:45.
  • Bolivia: 20:45.
  • Uruguay: 21:45.
  • Spain: 2:45 (next day).
Great famous chef. (Image: Latina Arrested)