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Billie Eilish has released her new album ‘Hit Me Hard and Soft’ and has broken a record on Spotify

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Billie Eilish has released her long-awaited third studio album, “Hit Me Hard and Soft.” (Source: Petros Studio/Interscope Records)

On May 17, 2024, the famous artist passed away Billie Eilish He released his third album, He hit me hard and soft. Just hours after its release, it has already broken streaming records Spotify, a success that comes months after she received her second Academy Award for her award-winning single “What Was I Made For?” For the movie Barbie.

According to Spotify data, the new recording project has managed to become the biggest debut by an artist born in the 21st century, accumulating an impressive number of 72.7 million Streams On its first day, which is more than the previous two albums, Happier than ever And Don’t smile at me. This number far exceeds the previous record sour By Olivia RodrigoDuring its first showing in 2021, it received 60.5 million streams.

Billie Eilish breaks records with ‘Hit Me Hard and Soft’ on its first day on Spotify. (Image source: Petros Studio)

In addition to 10 songs He hit me hard and soft It features the largest partial debut of an album in the platform’s history in a single day, with 4.73 million views. This record is calculated by taking into account the number of plays in the time period before the album was available overall in all time zones.

Compared to other recent releases by popular artists, the nine-time Grammy Award winner’s current body of work far exceeds the debut numbers of other artists:

  • Harry’s house By Harry Styles: 4.2 million (12 songs)
  • bowels By Olivia Rodrigo: 2.13 million (12 songs)
  • Cowboy Carter Beyoncé: 1.18 million (23 songs)
The singer-songwriter raises the bar with her new album, surpassing previous records set by artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Harry Styles. (Credits: Interscope Records)
  • sour – Olivia Rodrigo: 953k (8 songs)
  • Happier than ever Billie Eilish: 941k (11 songs)
  • Radical optimism Dua Lipa: 518k (8 songs)
  • Endless summer vacation Miley Cyrus: 430k (11 songs)
The young star explores profound themes of identity and loneliness in her third music project. (Image source: Reuters/Audi Gerucci)

At the conclusion of this article He hit me hard and soft It has already surpassed 100 million views, cementing its place as one of the most successful albums of the year. The teacher places Billie Eilish next to him Taylor Swift how The two most streamed artists of 2024 so far.

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He was interviewed for the cover Rolling Stone In April, the 22-year-old singer shared her feelings about the loneliness that comes with fame. With a career that includes nine Grammy Awards, two Oscars and a huge fan base, she admits she has developed an alter ego to deal with fame, although she now struggles with uncertainty about her true identity beyond her goth image.

Billie Eilish’s list of successes is increasing, after she won an Oscar in 2024 for her song “What Was I Made For?” (Image source: Reuters/Danny Moloschuk)

Your new album He hit me hard and soft“It specifically addresses these issues. In the first song, ‘Skinny’, Eilish questions whether she is living up to her age and expresses how she feels trapped in certain circumstances.”

On “Lunch,” he narrates a “longing” for a girl who “could be herself,” a lively track inspired by the exploration of his sexuality that has great potential to become his next commercial success. “I’ve been into girls my whole life, but I didn’t understand it until last year when I realized I wanted my face in my vagina.“, he commented in the aforementioned interview about his sexual orientation.

Billie Eilish’s world tour includes two concerts in Barcelona. (Credits: Interscope Records)

Other album highlights include “The Greatest,” which transitions from a lo-fi confessional acoustic to a powerful electric guitar solo, and the closing track “Blue,” which provides a moody, jazz-infused atmosphere.

With a new project that seeks to repeat the success of the previous two projects, the youngest artist to win a Grammy Award will tour the European and North American stages starting September 29 of this year. His tour includes two concerts in Barcelona, ​​Spain, on June 14 and 15, 2025. He is expected to announce new dates for Latin America soon.

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