May 18, 2024

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Bolivian Airlines is preparing its route to Paraguay

Bolivian Airlines is preparing its route to Paraguay

“Our Bolivian airline is already making the inaugural flight to Asuncion, Paraguay (…). We are providing new routes so that our passengers can access this important route,” the authority stated.

He stated that the flight will be launched on the 18th of this month from Viru Viru International Airport, in Santa Cruz, where it will depart at approximately 08:30 Bolivia time, and return to the country at approximately 16:00 highlands. time. .

According to Montaño, to fly this new international route, BoA will have a Boeing 737 carrying 130 passengers, and a round-trip ticket will cost about $400.

He confirmed that the new international itinerary will initially depart on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, always from Viru Viru.

With Asuncion, Boa now has eight flights abroad: Havana, Caracas, Lima, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Madrid and Miami.

BoA sources said that this company operates two more new routes to Santiago de Chile and Bogota, Colombia.

BoA Director General Ronald Casso told Prensa Latina that all the connections offered by Caracas and Havana and linked to Argentina, Lima and São Paulo, from Viru Viru, will contribute to realizing the dream of making that air terminal a real hub. Or focus point

“We will bring passengers from South America to concentrate at Viru Viru and take them to Europe, the United States and the Caribbean and generate more intense traffic over our airport in Santa Cruz,” he said.

BoA began operations in 2007 with a single aircraft and currently operates 100 to 115 flights daily and carries 17,000 passengers daily.

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The new roads have a positive impact on increasing Bolivia's integration and cooperation with the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, according to the authorities of the Plurinational State.