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Bolsonaro will lead the Brazilian debate on indigenous rights at the United Nations

This content was published on Sep 17, 2021 – 01:14

Rio de Janeiro, September 16 (EFE). – President Jair Bolsonaro said this Thursday that he will warn next Tuesday, at the United Nations General Assembly, of the dangers of food that the world may suffer if the ancestral right claimed by the indigenous people. land in Brazil.

In his weekly broadcast Thursday on social networks, Bolsonaro warned that if the ancestral lands of Brazilian ethnic groups were recognized, indigenous reserves would cover 26% of the national territory, the equivalent of France and Germany combined.

According to Bolsonaro, this will directly affect the country’s agricultural production and endanger the food security of Brazil and the world, because the South American giant is one of the main food producers on the planet.

This is the second time the far-right leader has addressed the issue this week. On Tuesday, the Brazilian president had already ruled in much the same way as today, with the aim of pressuring the decision of the Supreme Court, which is conducting a trial on the issue.

The process, which already has one vote in favor and one vote against, was suspended on Wednesday, after one of the eleven members of the Supreme Court, Justice Alexandre de Moraes, requested time to analyze the case.

The trial revolves around the so-called “temporary framework”, which only recognizes indigenous lands occupied by indigenous peoples as of October 5, 1988, when the current Brazilian constitution was promulgated.

In contrast, indigenous peoples assert that this thesis terminates their “ancestral rights” and also supports the legalization of territories occupied prior to that date by powerful landowners who forcibly expelled their indigenous populations over decades.

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According to Bolsonaro, there are “people out there” who are pushing for ancestral rights for indigenous people, and if that happens, “production will decrease and there will be global pressure for food.”

“Out of every five dishes of food eaten in the world, one comes from Brazil,” he reiterated Thursday in his speech.

Bolsonaro indicated that the epidemic and the energy crisis that Brazil is currently experiencing will be other issues that it will address at the United Nations next week.

“I will keep the opening speech calm and objective, and we will objectively show what Brazil is and what we are doing,” he said.

The 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly will take place from 21 to 27 September in New York. EFE

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