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Bottas is happier than ever in his new phase in Formula One

Bottas is happier than ever in his new phase in Formula One

    Valtteri Bottas has taken advantage of the summer break to provide a wonderful and valuable reflection on what it means for a driver to trade in a seat that allows him to fight for everything, for another in the “invisible” and chaotic middle zone. Curiously enough, Finn thinks he lives his best and happiest moments in this category.

    Just focus on driving

    Undoubtedly one of the biggest pressures Bottas has had to deal with in Formula 1 is renewing season after season. Since his debut in 2013, the teams he raced for had never decided to extend their confidence in the driver for more than a year, until he signed with Alfa Romeo, on a multi-year contract: “Actually, it’s my first time, because even with Williams, it’s always been a year‘, alludes to Valtteri, who acknowledges how calm he has been this year with his back covered:It’s the first time I don’t have to stress myself out and answer questions, because now for pilots who don’t know their future, it’s definitely not going to be fun.‘, continues the former Mercedes.

    In addition, Valtteri wanted to take the opportunity to take a valuable look at what it means for him to let go of the great goals he had always dreamed of, to compete at a lower level. His sincerity in this regard was a gift:This season is probably the most fun I’ve experienced so far“,”Well, you always remember things, but I really feel like I’m enjoying Formula One more than ever.’,” he confirms to #77, who is currently freed from many demands and has been able to return to focus solely on leadership.

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    Fighting in the central region

    In line with the above, Bottas compared the usual running of his races now, to the schedule he used to follow at Mercedes: “When it comes to racing, it’s a lot of fun, especially in the middle area and how different the strategy is in racing. It’s more like a decision that can take you to many different places. It’s a different way to playValtteri Bottas asserts, that it is more open and comfortable than in its previous stage and that reconnects with driving pleasure, which shows its improvement in performance.

    In the past, at Mercedes, you used to have only one team to fight against, so I only focused on those two cars. But now I might have six cars that we should be aware of. So that’s cool‘, adds the runner, realizing that this way of experiencing the jackpots is more authentic and exciting, as well as fun.

    Off the track

    Finally, Bottas wanted to think about how his life would change not only at home, but also outside the great circus: “Of course, when I work, I work hard, but when I’m not working, I can do whatever I want.‘, notes the Finn, now feeling more liberated, in a less stifling and demanding situation:Life with the team, in Formula 1 and beyond, is a really nice balance.“.

    In conclusion, Bottas illustrates with an example how this rebirth in his character was, facilitated by a mid-level team, upon leaving the media spotlight and the eye of the hurricane:[En Mercedes] I doubt I will [subir una foto con el trasero desnudo]Bottas recounts the viral photo he posted bathing in a river this year.Off the track, I’m so relaxed that even I like people’s opinion, I’m a lot less interested than before. It was a good picture!‘,” said the Finn to conclude, in what was a show of sincerity on his part in the face of a situation that many could understand as painful, but for Bottas it was the gateway to a new journey as or more exciting than the previous.

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