May 23, 2022

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Brazil with everything for Guardiola

Brazil with everything for Guardiola

And theOn February 25, there was shocking news in Brazil, more due to the unexpected timing than surprising. It was little more than an open secret Tite will step down as coach after Qatar 2022, but confirmation was missing. He arrived in a chat with “Redaao Sport TV”, from “Globo Esporte”. weeks ago Juninho Paulista, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) coordinator, has already backtracked on it in an interview at MARCA:“Yes, he will probably go after the World Cup”.

Although the main focus is on the goal of winning the 2022 World Cup, they in the CBF have to work in parallel with the vision of the future. And the The plans have crystallized since the arrival of Edinaldo Rodriguez to the presidency of the organization at the end of March.. Rodriguez was moving in different directions, one of them The next member of the seat of Canarinhawith the undisputed filter above the rest: Pep Guardiola.

Guardiola’s crazy celebration in De Bruyne 1-0: fist raised and water bottle on the floor

Through the members who are not formally incorporated into the new structure of the Federation, but who will do so, save for surprise, a strategy has been outlined that includes Meetings to approximate what at first seemed like a dream:. For soon it was agreed that the chosen one would be from outside the country, and immediately also, that the ideal would be the present technician of City of Manchester.

In January or summer 2023, out of doubts

The The Brazilian Football Confederation did not hesitate, going with everything for the former Barcelona player and conveying its intentions to Per Guardiola, Pep’s brother and representative.. With several talks between them and it’s still taking place, the bid is for four years, until the 2026 World Cup. The proposed salary is around 12 million netwhich is a very high amount but still less than the 20 he receives in Manchester.

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Guardiola: “I didn’t invent anything, when I win I’m a visionary, but when I lose…”

In the Brazilian Football Confederation there is great confidence that the process can be completed. After the renewal was announced in November 2020, Guardiola’s contract with Etihad Airways until 2023. For this reason, one of the main doubts is whether it will be released this summer or wait for next summer. But at Granja Comary, the headquarters in Brazil, it became impossible not to get excited.