July 1, 2022

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Brian Ruiz's 'New Zealand coach mad' 15 years ago

Brian Ruiz’s ‘New Zealand coach mad’ 15 years ago

He was then a 21-year-old boy Brian Ruiz was called up to the national team by then-coach Hernan MedfordFor a friendly against New Zealand at the Ricardo Sabrisa Stadium.

Midfielder who was a member of the Gentlemen on the night of March 24, 2007 in Belgium It was the perfect embodiment of dedication to scoring a goal and providing an aid The tricolor won 4-0 against the New Zealanders and brought their captain Danny Howe to Bitter Street, who is precisely the Oceanic coach today.

It will be the only match recorded at the highest level between the two teams, which will meet in Doha, Qatar on June 13 or 14 for the playoffs for the World Cup, if Cele takes fourth place in the octagonal round tonight. Concacaf. With only half a ticket to the World Cup in Oceania, the only thing left is New Zealand’s exit from the Solomon Islands at the regular stage and a seal on the Costa Rica playoffs.

It will be a single game, with 90 minutes of regulation and extra time tied, it should be defined by penalty kicks. After Russia face Peru in 2018, Oceanic will play their second consecutive playoffs after a 0-0 draw in Wellington and a 2-0 draw against the Incas in Lima.

That’s why, after clearing the Solomon Islands this Wednesday, Coach Hay will no doubt remember that bitter night where Alvaro could not control Saborio. That day he scored a double in Ruiz’s service; He will surely remember the skill of the captain of today’s tricolor flag.

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The tough defender put his hand on the ball and made a clear penalty file, which Saborio used to make it 4-0. Brian scored 3-0 on a night when his performance was excellent, for which he was classified as the best player in the game.

For Brian this is his second entry with 29 national representations he currently has. The second winner of the game for the national team was the work of Alonso Solis.

Since 2015, Danny Hay has been in charge of his country’s under-17 national team, and until 2019 he will be in charge of senior representation. As a player, he played for Leeds United in the English Premier League from 1999 to 2001, and he also played for Perth Glory in Australia, 1997-1999 and 2006-2009.


According to history NationBrian stood out for his “movement, talent and commitment”, revealing that “hope is his motto”.

“The Gent de Belgium striker shocked the fans who came to Ricardo Sabrisa yesterday, the sparks of luxury in his game, he collaborated in the midfield and his movement made him the hero. He was generous in recovering the ball; It seems to have been understood, ”the statement said.

“Undoubtedly, it was the carburetor that got the national team to work. Brian’s desire to occupy a starting position in the color was evident and all his efforts were rewarded with points. Eventually his movement slowed down, perhaps due to the wear and tear of good rhythm,” he added.

In that match, Costa Rica fielded Dexter Luis, Victor Corteiro, Michael Umana, Pablo Chincilla, Andres Nunes, Roy Miller, Rodolfo Rodriguez, Michael Parentes, Brian Ruiz, Alvaro Zaporio and Alonso. In addition, Walter Senteno, Rolando Fonseka, Leonardo Gonzalez and Windel Gabriels entered the transfer under Medford’s command as technical director.

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