July 1, 2022

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British choreographer attends world premiere of her work in Cuba

British choreographer attends world premiere of her work in Cuba

The performance program of the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC), under the direction of Viengsay Valdés, today includes the world premiere of the work. Nine o’clockDesigned by British choreographer Gemma Bond.

The piece, due to be shown at the exhibition starting in the second half of this month, includes the music of German composer and conductor Johann Sebastian Bach, specifically parts of the Passion, according to Mathew, performed by professionals from the Caribbean country.

Bond, on this occasion, referred to better communication with BNC dancers and noted that the leading role in his production is delegated to feelings and emotions rather than through technical mastery of the movements, specifically, beauty lies in the lack of acting.

“For four weeks they changed their way of thinking about the creative process. The dancers and musicians will converge on the same stage and when that happens it causes goosebumps and a magical moment. I hope above all they are free and have fun.”

In his opinion, the audience attending the capital’s National Theater will experience a unique and distinctive exchange, enriched by the personality of the dancers, “They will not see a specific figure as happens in some ballets, among them, Don Quixote or Swan Lake“, pointed out.

The nine o’clock also allows for personal interpretation of the steps, based on the movements guided by Bond, an artist with more than two decades of his career, a graduate of the Royal School of Ballet and a former Fellow of the Choreography Institute in New York, in the United States.

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