April 12, 2024

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BTS publishes the first pictures of their album 'Proof' and theories are launched |  Music

BTS publishes the first pictures of their album ‘Proof’ and theories are launched | Music

following bts They are in luck. The launch of the .. the launch of the .. the take off of the Evidence – proof, his first analog album, is approaching. The light will appear on June 10, three days before the ninth anniversary of its founding.

If there is something that fans of the set k pop It’s the devotion they give you daily. That’s why these artists always try to educate them with the material they deserve. Proof of this is the publication of the first conceptual images of Evidence – proofwhich defines a part of this album that revolutionized their fans around the world.

The group members wear black leather clothes and gold chains in the purest style of some bad boys. They stand in front of what looks like an armored bank door with an important thing behind it. Plus, you can see how some bullets hit the door.

There is a theory circulating on networks that can explain what this really means. This holds that if in concept Evidence – proof See how these bulletproof doors protect, at Door (Next), we’ll see what’s inside, which indicates that it’s other, more vulnerable versions. They protect their dreams that interpret the map of their souls.

This idea was supported by many other users of social networks, who did not hesitate to share their own theories or add new possibilities to them.

What is clear is that everything BTS posts ends up revolutionizing their fans in a matter of seconds. Which is that everyone is waiting for the arrival of this record album that will mark before and after the band’s career and which will welcome its ninth year. Time is running!

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For now, we’ll have to wait and see what the next concept images are Evidence – proof And support or modify this theory that has already spread widely. And you, do you also have your own theory?