May 18, 2024

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Cadastre already has an app for your iPhone.  It allows you to view data about your property and the value of your land

Cadastre already has an app for your iPhone. It allows you to view data about your property and the value of your land

Applications that focus on the relationship between the citizen and the public administration of the state It has arrived in our devices in recent years, And with surprisingly good design. An example could be My Citizen Folder or even the FNMT application to install the digital certificate on our iPhone.

A new companion has now been added: Cadastro_app. Its name does not leave any kind of mystery, because it is an application that will provide us with information about the land registry. This is very important for anyone in need Information about your property. Previously, we could go to their website to get this information, but now that will be enough to access their app.

Easily review cadastral information directly from your mobile phone

The Land Registry is primarily responsible for registering all properties and farms located in Spanish territory. All information about the house or plot of land will ideally be specified in the cadastre, its size and how it is organized. All this data is really useful, esp When you intend to buy a house.

The application is available for Download from App Store It will be possible to access it with different identification systems. In this case you will be able to log in using the digital certificate or Cl@ve, but also in the case of the web version It can be accessed (in a limited way) using the cadastral reference.

Land registry

If you log in with one of the digital identification systems, the properties in your name will be downloaded. Among the data there will be the cadastral reference, which is the unique identification number assigned to each property. We can say that it is “DNI” which each piece must recognize Before administration to perform any action.

But in addition to this you can also find land value information, This is the very official price when making a purchase and sale. In addition, images or annotations can be added. Although as we said before, it will be possible to enter through “Access with Cadastral Reference”, where DNI, support and reference will be requested.

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But you will also be able to receive notifications about available properties. In this case you will receive Notifications if information changes Or even news on the aid that may have been requested in the case of a PAC. Moreover, all of this is in a design that is very reminiscent of Citizen Folder in terms of menus and interaction buttons.

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