June 16, 2024

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Caribe Store Chain expects to open new virtual units in the country

Caribe Store Chain expects to open new virtual units in the country

Havana-. The Caribe supermarket chain is working on a strategy that includes, among other projects, the opening of several virtual units in the country, according to Granma newspaper.

In this line, opened on April 19, Subirana is a joint venture with Xetid, to sell household electrical products and some beverages in MLC.

At the end of the first half of this month, the virtual store had more than 18,910 registered customers, with an average of 32,198 visits per day.
Up to that point, more than 8,680 orders have been placed, which represents nearly 10,000 products.

Marta Mollet-Fernandez, a trade specialist at Tiendas Caribe, explained that they are developing a joint program with Xetid, which includes digital implementation of the certificate of guarantee, which will allow the processing of a greater number of applications.

The said certification will also establish the company’s digital signature, which ensures it is issued by the organization, and by the customer, a process that should finish at the end of this year and the beginning of 2022.

Abisley Crespo Fernández, manager of Subirana’s virtual store, commented that an average of 120 orders are processed per day, although that depends a lot on how much workers can send in correspondence with the logistics process being carried out.

He indicated that once the user makes a purchase through the website (subirana.enzona.net) he is notified of the day he must receive his product within a period of one week, insisting that the delivery be to the beneficiary of the purchase. – Facilities created from the same page – only exceptional cases are excluded from this process.

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Mullet Fernandez noted that if the product is not received on the specified day or on rescheduling, the amount of the goods is refunded to the card, which means the expenses on the chain to some extent, but does not affect the user.

Subirana opens at 10:30 a.m., with the first sale, as the goods enter the warehouse and depending on capacity, several discounts can be made that can range between 2:00 and 4:30 p.m.

Currently, the store is implementing the service in a single warehouse, which serves as the warehouse and pre-dispatch area, and in the future it is expected to expand the warehousing capacities to allow space only for the delivery of goods and gain greater agility.

Tiendas Caribe’s commercial specialist has specified that it is currently negotiating with Xetid to gradually open other stores with the same properties in the rest of the country.

Similarly, they analyze a variety of products in food and hardware stores, because the goal is that what is sold in stores in MLC in physical form can also reach the virtual space, but at the first stage they will be household appliances.