July 4, 2022

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CEO of Fonterra & Sales in Chile: “Choprol needs no expertise or New Zealand milk”

Fonterra, a New Zealand dairy company Chile announced last week that it had begun the process of putting Choprol’s property up for saleHe has been attached since 1986.

That year, Fondera’s forerunner, the New Zealand Dairy Board, entered into national ownership, so the news of its departure marked a turning point in the history of both companies.

According to the information provided The New Zealand company currently controls 99.89% of the company’s documents, A buyer’s study is a strategy to realize their vision for 2030, its axes are sustainability, nutrition science and innovation. They also pointed to the process of exploring interested parties for their assets in Chile It can take up to two years.

Fonterra CEO Miles Hurrell explains Pulse The reasons behind this decision and Soprole illustrate the good footing that currently exists.

Why did you decide to leave Chile? What changed?

– Fonterra has the opportunity to further differentiate New Zealand milk globally by focusing on gaining greater value from its dairy cooperatives. For this Fonterra must focus on improving its capital and its population in New Zealand milk. For these reasons we have reviewed the ownership of two other milk groups in Australia and Chile. Soprole is a leading dairy brand. Their operations do not require any expertise or milk from New Zealand, in that environment, we started the process of taking our integrated investment in Chile. We are also considering the most appropriate ownership framework for our business in Australia. We see both movements as focusing on our New Zealand milk and, more importantly, allowing capital to be released to implement our long-term strategy.

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In your view, have your years of goals been achieved at Soprole?

It is a high performance business with a strong market position, including being one of the most recognized food and beverage brands in Chile. You have a dedicated team with a clear plan to continue to move forward.

What other markets are they now targeting in Latin America and the rest of the world?

-Fondera’s strategy focuses on growing its food service business and enhancing consumer and raw material channels around the world using milk of its New Zealand origin.

When are you going to hire an investment bank to sell Soprole?

-The process has now started and is developing properly.

What is the price range you expect?

-Tell very soon.

Last week, Balzo asked what the estimated selling price was in the local market. They estimate that Fonterra could fetch US $ 800 million from one financial institution, and from another they claim that it would be 15 times more profitable., Max – evidence says that it is difficult to achieve – 20 times.

That is, if the benefits end at $ 22,507 million by the end of 2020, sales could end in value ranging from $ 330,605 million (US $ 421 million) to $ 450,140 million (US $ 573 million).