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Challenges for New Zealand in 2022

This content was released on December 29, 2021 – 09:04

Sydney (Australia), Dec. 29 (EFE) .- Prime Minister Jacinta Arden’s progressive government needs to define its position on China by 2022, while facing other key challenges, such as climate change or terrorism.

China is starting to worry

New Zealand has traditionally been consistent in its relationship with China, but Beijing’s growing influence in the Pacific Islands and China’s human rights situation have begun to calm the maritime nation.

For example, New Zealand Foreign Minister Nanaya Mahuta testified on December 25 that Beijing’s actions undermine democratic erosion and freedom and rights in Hong Kong’s territory and threaten the autonomy of the former British. Colony.

Assets facing climate crisis

The Artern government is one of the most active in recognizing measures and commitments to meet the challenge of climate crisis, which already affects its Pacific neighbors, such as Vanuatu or Kiribati.

Over the years, the executive promoted several batteries of policies aimed at tackling this problem, for example, in October, it was the first country to force the financial sector to report on the environmental impact of its investments.

The problem of terrorism

Two years after the hegemonic attack on two mosques in Christchurch, 51 people were killed, and the seafaring country was again subjected to a new hegemonic attack, this time carried out by a jihadist, although it was only resolved with the death of the attacker.

This latest attack has accelerated the approval of a new anti-terrorism law that criminalizes the planning of attacks.

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Reopens during infections

The “zero infection” strategy, which Ordern has effectively implemented against the virus for more than a year, has evolved into a new way of living with the virus and a commitment not to be over-imprisoned by the executive since October.

However, the territory of New Zealand is practically protected from the outside, with the exception of a few travel bubbles that are not isolated from the Pacific Islands, and face the challenge of reopening overseas.

Maori rights recognition

Many of the current executive committee members are prominent Mோori politicians because the Artern government continues to acknowledge and acknowledge the historic harm done to the M மாவori people.

In a speech to hundreds of people, Ardern acknowledged that the New Zealand economy continues to “bear the brunt of the damage and scarring” of Pacific communities that were the main target of anti-immigrant policing between 1974 and 1976. The first was affected by the oil crisis. EFE

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