May 16, 2022

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Chances of giving 3000 hits: List

Chances of giving 3000 hits: List

Below, we leave you to look at the energetic players who could one day join such a group, from those close to others who give us reason to consider them due to their immense talent at such a young age.

Robinson Cano, 39 (2,631)
The Dominicans were greatly affected by the short 2020 season and the suspension he served on in 2021 due to banned substances (the second of his kind in his career). Had he spent two years in good health at this stretch, he might already be just below the 3000 mark, instead of 369. Already at 39, Kano needs to stay healthy two more years later this year to dream of such a feat.

A track record, perhaps with enough time

Jose Altove, 31 (1,783)
The Venezuelan is a hitting machine, so it’s not hard to see up to 3000 hits a day. The league has achieved .307 for life and led AL in four consecutive years from 2014-2017, including two seasons in which he also led the majors (2014-2016). The big question will be health, as he hasn’t played more than 150 games since 2017, when he was named MLS Player of the Year.

Freddy Freeman 32 (1,722)
Freeman got off to a slow start at the plate in 2021, and still ended up with 180 scores after being the NL MVP in 2020. He led the National League with 191 scores in 2018 and hit 0.296 for life. Plus, he’s been pretty solid for the past five years, losing only six matches in that span.

Mane Machado 29 (1445)
Machado is only 29, and he will be halfway there in his quest for 3,000 if he stays healthy this year. The third star will have to make sure he doesn’t have a bad offensive year for the rest of his career. So far, 2017 and 2019 have been the only two seasons since his rookie year to score below 0.278.

Bryce Harper, 29 years old (1,287)
Harper, like Trout, gets a hefty dose of walking, which translates to fewer chances of getting hit. But with a talent like Harper, who won Player of the Year last year, it’s impossible to rule out 3,000 hits, especially when he’s not yet 30. The key, as with anyone pursuing this goal, will be consistency, something Harper sometimes lacks (by his standards of course).

Xander Bogarts 29 (1,259)
Short hits averaged 176 visits per year between 2015 and 2019 and after a short campaign for 2020, he added 156 last season. He hits .291 for life, and if he can hold his own in this department, 3,000 clicks could become a reality. And now the power is there, too.

It is not left out, but it will be difficult

Elvis Andros 33 (1,875)
Things looked pretty good for the Venezuelan until 2019, when he was in his 30s, he had already gotten more than 1,700 visits. But the past three years have not helped. Andrus averaged just 0.235 between 2020 and 2021, which greatly reduced his chances. Nor has it helped cut the 2020 season significantly short due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eric Hosmer 32 (1648)
Hosmer was on track until 2017, his final year with the royal family, when he had already earned 1,132 visits at the age of 27. But since signing with Padres, his chances of hitting 3,000 times in his career have slipped. After all those hits in Kansas City, he has over 500 songs in four seasons and some with San Diego.

Mookie Betts Age 29 (1,162)
Betts numbers have been dropping lately: In 2021, he’s had the worst single-season OPS (.854) since 2017, and this year he’s starting slow on the plate as well. But he’s still Mookie Betts, a player more than capable of producing the kind of season he was AL MVP with the Red Sox in 2018. He hit .346 that year and hit less than .290 just twice in eight years not counting this. .

Francisco Lindor, 28 (1,018)
After a difficult first year with the Mets in 2021, the Puerto Rican hit the ground running in 2022, looking like a short-lived star we saw in Cleveland before his trade to New York. The 2021 campaign was also the first in which he missed a significant number of matches due to injuries, so it will be critical for him to remain healthy if he has a realistic chance of breaking into the 3000 club.

Carlos Correa, 27 (791)
We sometimes forget that Puerto Rican Correa is only 27, but he’s been hitting majors since he was 20 and could have been out of the way had it not been for the injuries that hit him so often between 2017 and 2019. He hit .275 for life and enters What must have been his best years, so keep an eye on Correa’s hit totals for years to come.

Ozzy Albis, 25 (628)
Alpes is only 25 years old, but he has already claimed a successful National League title (189 in 2019). He had the worst average of his career last year (.259), but he’s shown what he can do, and if he can consistently reproduce the type of production from 2019 he’ll be in good shape.

Juan Soto, 23 (500)
Dominican Soto might be the best hitter today. The combination of connectivity, strength and discipline in the painting is unparalleled. This last skill–hitting with discipline–may make it difficult for him to hit 3,000 hits, as evidenced by the 145 walks he made in 2021, the most in the MLB. But no achievement in the batsman’s chest can be written off as out of reach for Soto, the other talent.

Ronald Acuna Jr., 24 (426)
The Venezuelan has the ability to hit 40 home points and steal 40 bases, but health has been the biggest enemy for Acuña so far, who won’t make his 2022 debut until sometime in May after injuring his knee in July last year. . Still, he hits 0.28 in his career and it’s not hard to imagine a 200-hit campaign on his part: In 2019, his last full season, he hit 41 home runs, stole 37 bases and hit 175 hits in 156 games. It is also useful that it is often used as an advanced multiplication. If this continues, he will make more board visits than the average hitter.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., 23 (390)
At 23 years and 38 days old, Dominican Guerrero Jr. The youngest player on this list and the sky is the limit for Vlad Jr. He’s shown multiple times so far that there is every reason to be confident he’s going to have a great match. profession. The most recent was an incredible 4v5 3-game home run in a game where his finger was cut by stomping at first base. When he finished second in the AL MVP vote in 2021, Guerrero had 188 results.