April 21, 2024

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Checo Pérez accepts that he lost with his team during some F1 races

Checo Pérez accepts that he lost with his team during some F1 races

Back from the Formula 1 summer break, SErg Perez The Red Bull team fell into a poor streak before the Mexican driver, and it was a “lost” moment, but it ended and is looking to close in on the strong for the five remaining races of the calendar.

At the press conference given by Checo on the outskirts of the Carso collection, at the foot of the Soumaya Museum, he realized that the adaptation was a complex process, but they were also trying to find some solutions in tuning the RB16B, which did not materialize.

“We lost a bit in the middle of the season looking for changes that we couldn’t get, but now we have a good base and a good rhythm to finish the races well,” the 31-year-old said. Jalisco.

After the Austrian Grand Prix there was three weeks off for F1 and when he came back from it there was a four GP where Checo struggled a lot in qualifying, the occasional race speed and a heavy dose of bad luck.

Starting at Monza, then Russia, Turkey and the United States, Perez took a soaring moment in performance and results by spinning on the podiums in Istanbul and Austin, but especially on the Texas track, looking strong in every session.

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This indicates that the “preparation” of Car 11 is on the road, but also noted that Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, where the Grand Prix will be held on November 7, requires a lot of cars due to the height of Mexico City, which disables all elements of aerodynamics, load, engine power and even elements tire use.

“(AHR) is very demanding, has downforce like the Monaco but works like Monza (due to the thinness of the air)…(so) demanding on the brakes, with a first corner after a very long straight… It’s not easy to be good.” Race Here,” Checo summed up the challenges the Magdalena Mixiuhca track faced.

Checo Pérez defined his time at Red Bull as a very different process from what he knew and is confident that his work to develop the 2022 car will be a huge contribution and therefore a great asset to the team.

“Everyone will start from scratch and this will be very beneficial for me, because I can give a lot to the team, and I will be very important to my team in the coming years,” he said, in addition to the belief that the distances between the teams will be reopened not as it is now where the competitiveness is very high, In fact the strongest he’s seen in his Formula 1 career.

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