November 28, 2023

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Clash: The reason for the expulsion of Alex Caniggia and Gustavo Guillermo from “Big Brother VIP 8”

Clash: The reason for the expulsion of Alex Caniggia and Gustavo Guillermo from “Big Brother VIP 8”

to organize Big Brother VIP 8 Surprised this week with eviction Among the two most famous racers: Gustavo Guillermo, at the time and former driver of Maria Teresa Campos, and Alex Caniggia.. Although they initially only said that the departure was related to disciplinary reasons, the reasons were revealed yesterday.

Apparently, it was there between the two The dispute got out of control Amid a discussion about one of the most recurring topics in reality TV shows, which is food, the show’s production company decided to punish them by eliminating them from the competition last Wednesday night.

José Antonio Aviles started making gazpacho without taking into consideration the rest of the population From home, something that could have been accused of, especially television’s Laura Puzo, whom Caniggia’s son came to defend. Then Campos’s former driver entered the discussion in order to make peace, but he ended up clashing with the Argentine at a level that the program organization considered intolerable, which is why they decided to expel them both. “Am I super? “I’m the quieter guy… I just wanted to separate them… please.”Gustavo Guillermo pleaded after learning of his departure through the back door.

For its part, the program decided not to broadcast photos of the meeting due to… “They are not a good role model for the public or for themselves.”As was confirmed at yesterday’s ceremony, the two fighting champions met again and differences were resolved.


“It all started with Avilés, he always comes around and makes mistakes. He started insulting Laura and I couldn’t let that happen. I already know that doesn’t excuse him and I’m here because of the bad behavior. I made a mistake, I lost him. I want to apologize,” Alex said last night during the ceremony. For the public and for Gustavo.” “I think it’s gotten out of control. I went to take me to Avilés and at that moment Alex saw me and we faced each other. I appreciate him and love him,” concluded María Teresa Campos’ right-hand woman.

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