August 19, 2022

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Colombian Camilo attributes Latin musical success to the work of many

This content was published on Aug 05, 2022 – 10:22

Girona (Spain), August 5 (EFE). Colombian singer-songwriter Camilo Echevre, known musically as Camilo, is one of the criteria for the current success of Latin music, which he considers the result of “the work and effort of many artists who struggled to break down the barriers that divided it.”

The artist performs on Friday at the Cap Roig Festival, in the Spanish city of Palafrugell (Girona province), northeast of the country, where he analyzes, in an interview with EFE, the explosion of the musical genre of which he is a part, and also gives details from the album “Inside out” that It will be released on September 6.

Regarding the former, the Colombian describes that Latin music came “so far and is very relevant today” as “very nice”.

Foremost in all of this comes his country, Colombia, a country that is, he asserts, “very rich in rhythms and lyrics” that shows “very different styles depending on where you go.”

“There is a cradle for artists who continue to cultivate the roots of our country and who have been the engine for my musical development,” he asserts.

When asked about the collaboration the star represented on several Latin songs, he felt the music became more supportive and less individual with her.

“For me, working with my colleagues has left me the treasure of being able to call them all friends, because the songs are symptoms of something bigger, the friendship that grew with them,” he says, adding that he enjoys it “a lot.” And he loves to “learn from them”.

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Some of these artists are Spanish, as with Alejandro Sanz’s collaboration on “NASA,” one of the songs on the next album, which will feature a preview at Cap Roig.

life experiences

Among them and others he has worked with, he keeps “precious stories of songs and video recordings and shares them live”.

Camilo, an advocate of formats like TV contests he’s been a part of or otherwise serving to show, says “there’s a lot of talent out there”.

Networking, with which he successfully works, is another way that artists must “connect directly with people and receive an almost immediate response”, in his particular case to communicate and highlight their music and projects from an “honest message.”

From his visit to Cap Roig, a festival held in parks on the shores of the Mediterranean, he reported that they told him “it’s a wonderful place” and declared that he was “excited for the opportunity” to perform.

Today’s concert will include “songs from previous albums as well as new songs from ‘Inside Out’,” says Camilo. He remembers that Spain welcomed him “with open arms in the midst of an epidemic for two years in a row”, so he is grateful and assures that this is a compelling reason, when he steps up On stage here, to present “everything”.

Regarding the new album, he comments, “It invites you to explore the sensibility aspects of those who listen to it and find places you might not have known you could reach.”

In short, it’s an album that “visits every corner of this inner diversity of who I am and the result of the valuable things within me and comes out to share them,” he concludes. EFE

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