July 1, 2022

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Confessions of love and decisions that will change everything

Confessions of love and decisions that will change everything

In the following chapters of love foreverLove will put many residents of the Plaza de los Frutos under surveillance.

Coral, realizing her feelings for Fran, asks the creators for a distance while she rushes her wedding with Raul, believing that the link will make her forget how she began to feel about her fiancé’s cousin.

Paloma will start working with Fran and will also try to control her feelings for him.

Ismael can no longer handle the remote situation he is in with Penelope, so why were they so far away? The teacher confesses her feelings for him and reveals her fears.

Sonia continues to search for love in Medinasecretly, and introduces him to a young woman who seems to suit his tastes. Would Sonya be jealous of something she caused herself?

Her family will advise Catalina to help Esther, and Penelope will also help the young woman after discovering her complicated past.

Ines continues to organize the wedding without relying on the opinion of Guillermo who, although he is beginning to realize this, comes to confront Cristina for his defense of his future wife.

Guillermo and Ines They got to an extreme point with Martinez: They ask you not to attend the wedding and stay away from them.

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