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Copilot's video summary features and plugins are available in Edge in the latest Android and iOS update

Copilot's video summary features and plugins are available in Edge in the latest Android and iOS update

Madrid, December 29 (European Press) –

Microsoft It has begun to Update your version of Edge for iOS and Androidto merge Co-pilot jobs Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), e.g Video summaries and extraswhich was already available in the desktop version of the browser.

Microsoft Copilot is fully integrated into the Edge desktop mode, however, the company aims to extend the AI-powered assistant features to the mobile version as well.

Pretty much, as has been confirmed Latest version of Windows, New Copilot features are now available Available on the Microsoft Edge stable channel For devices with iOS and Android operating system.

One of the new integrated functions is Ability to create PDF document summaries. When you open a document in the Edge browser from a smartphone, all you have to do is tap the Copilot icon and the document will be created automatically. A brief summary of text or a collection of the main points of information.

Following this line, Copilot also allows you to implement Video summaries at the edge For Android and iOS devices. That is, users will be able to request the most relevant points of the video content without having to watch it.

However, this post It requires the video to contain text in order to create the summary,Since Edge Copilot summarizes texts, but does not analyze the ,frames of the video in question. In this sense, it will not be able to summarize all videos, but, according to Microsoft, it will do so. It will be able to summarize most content from platforms like YouTube.

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On the other hand, there is another novelty Support for using add-ons or “plug-ins” in Edge for iOS and Android. Using this option, users can choose between plugins such as recipe finders, Product price comparisons in stores or Song generators For use with the processor.

These Plugins are used when you make a query to Copilot, which will return its results based on the capabilities of these Plugins. For example, if you ask about the best smartphones in your price range using the Stores plugin, it will give you a comparison between different devices.

Likewise, users will also be able to Disable Bing search engine capabilities So Copilot in Edge does not include this information in its responses and uses it as a “chatbot” independently. However, keep in mind that if Bing's search capabilities are disabled, it will be disabled The answers may be outdated.

As Windows Latest warned, these functions may be deleted Not yet available on all devices. In this case, users can Implemented by activating flags Through the URL Edge://flags, where you can find these functions as experiments. To start using it, all you have to do is mark the functions you want to use as available.

For example, in the case of iPads, you can find indicators such as “Copilot PDF” For document summaries, “Copilot Video Summary” For video summaries or “Copilot full screen” For a full screen assistant experience.

Although with these new functions, users will be able to take advantage of more AI capabilities to carry out their daily tasks, it must be taken into account that There are still Copilot features not included in Edge for iOS and AndroidAnd it integrates the desktop browser version.

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