June 21, 2024

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Coronavirus: the fourth narcissistic wound to humanity

Coronavirus: the fourth narcissistic wound to humanity

A doctor examines COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina (Photo EFE)

You can look at the epidemic from a psychological point of view. Argentines are couch meat. Although sometimes it does not shine, We are one of the most psychoanalytic societies in the world. It is no coincidence that we have the largest number of psychologists per capita on the planet (198 per 100,000 inhabitants). There are other societies that are rather ‘pre-Freud’ where if you mention the concept of ‘narcissistic wound’, said with a bit of humor, they think of surgery.

These types of injuries can affect individual men, groups of men, or even all of them.

These “abuses” – as some call them – which we shall speak of have individually lowered the self-esteem of the world’s population as a whole over many centuries.

Indeed, “general narcissism, the self-esteem of humanity, has so far suffered three serious wounds due to scientific research” said Sigmund Freud in “The Difficulty of Psychoanalysis” (Complete Works, Volume XVII, 1917).

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Cosmic wound: the earth is not the center of the universe

Its originator was Nicholas Copernicus with his discoveries in the sixteenth century, although there are earlier studies that have denied what was until then an established fact.

Biological Wound: Man is not the sovereign over all the creatures that inhabit the earth

In this case, the culprit is Charles Darwin, who by the way – I take this opportunity to recall – met Juan Manuel de Rosas in Patagonia and gave a description of this in his diary. He showed it in his studies

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“Man is no different from an animal and nothing better than it; it comes from the zoological scale and is closely related to some species and, more distantly, to others” (Darwin in Freud’s words).

The most sensitive psychological wound: the person and his loss

Man feels mastery in his soul, but Freud studied the power of the subconscious in the individual and its tension with consciousness. Thus he tells us: “You even identify the ‘psychic’ with the ‘conscious’; i.e., with what is known to you, despite the evidence that much more must continually happen to your psychic life than is known to your consciousness (…). What is spiritual In you does not coincide with what is conscious of you; that one thing happens in your soul, and it is another thing for you to perceive.”

The fourth immune wound: the COVID-19 pandemic

After controlling and accumulating many diseases over the course of the twentieth century, though not all, humanity believed it had a high level of sophistication in its studies of the immune system of men. But the Corona virus has come to destroy this belief, and with it the fourth narcissistic wound, the immune wound, was born. This is her new and special statement.

A global health crisis has left humanity’s self-esteem to prostrate. A fall we haven’t recovered from yet.

We had a feeling, just a feeling, of the immunity we had lost.

Humanity modestly returns to the sofa.


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