July 1, 2022

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Costa Rica beat New Zealand to become Spain's first rivals at World Cup in Qatar

Costa Rica beat New Zealand to become Spain’s first rivals at World Cup in Qatar

After his absence in the last edition, Costa Rica returns to the World Cup and will be the first rival of the Spanish national team Qatar in the group stage of the 2022 World Cup. Keeler Navas, Brian Ruiz or Striker, Joel Campbell, They will fight back The largest national team competition in the world.

Then on this day of the hangover Hard removal of Peru The other crossroads of this last phase of the playoffs, In Costa Rica, this came as the main option To get the pass, he did not want to experience the same fate as the Peruvians Unable to pierce the target of a competitor less than 120 minutes, They played everything for everything Luckily for the penalties, this time it didn’t come.

The important match began in a very different way from what was seen in Peru-Australia. Both teams, very active, showed their strength to break the balance as soon as possible. In this generation I will be the first to attack Costa Rica by Joel Campbell Of Costa Rica footballers. The ball to the right place for Bennett, and Betis and Arsenal’s former legs advanced between the others amid a problem In the 3rd minute of the match.

After this goal The peace it caused in the Central American team and the urgency it felt in the New Zealand team Makes some of us live Starting bars for entertainment full of opportunities. The attitudes of both teams in the first half hour of the game were remarkable, however ‘for points’, New Zealand came close to leveling.

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The way the game was played by both teams became clear again and again: In the hope that Costa Rica would go into space, he resigned himself to defending himself together and getting closer to Keeler. When New Zealand turned their entire game into a single goal to find Chris Wood By no means.

The striker at Newcastle is a real reference and a different player A choice to know it and use it. This is how the maritime team’s goal of balance comes to be With one shot Chris Wood expresses happiness at ‘All-White’ Abdullah Hassan, the tournament official, said the joy will be short-lived. Called for review for possible error, which was confirmed after a few minutes And pointed to a referee from the United Arab Emirates.

A benefit to Costa Rica and we will go to rest in both areas A happy party and it can choose any side. Costa Rica are not going to give up their chances in the counter-attack, and New Zealand He will continue to rely on Wood to force him to at least save extra time.

In the second half, rhythm and The pulse is significantly lower. Three alternatives to the Costa Ricans clearly proposed a more restrained game With Carlos Martinez and Brian Ruiz New Zealand moved the tab.

20 minutes from the end, and only one goal to level the match, New Zealand get their second hard-fought victory after Campbell’s opening goal: Barbaross landed on the field just 7 minutes ago Francisco made a criminal entry into Calvo’s ankleAnd after VAR verification He will leave his team with a defect in the other game.

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There were last bars A series of intense attempts to hang balls in the sea, Despite the fact that they could not leave big opportunities They forced Keeler back with his team to save a storageThis time one shot per square Clayton Lewis mourns PSG player’s spectacular intervention.

Behind this, Costa Rica, which is more focused on shrinking than playing the ball, will miss several chances to get out. At the same time that New Zealand enjoyed their last good chance of the match after Wood took control In the small area that was far away from his right leg, so he could not attach the blow.

After this, the game was diluted and added 4 minutes, it was a little more stressedAnd it will define the last team to be classified for the World Cup in Qatar after the referee’s whistle: Costa Rica returns to World Cup (after being in Russia) And pre-screened Luis Enrique Spain, one of the favorite teams to go the longest distance in the competition.


Costa Rica: Keeler Nawaz; Geisher Fuller (Carlos Martinez, m. 46)
), Oscar Duarte, Francisco Calvo, Brian Ovio; Yeltsin Tejeta, Celso
Borges (Daniel Sacon, m. 79), Gerson Torres (Brian Ruiz, m. 46); Joel
Campbell (Johann Venicas, 90m), Juvison Bennett (Kendall Waston, 46m)
And Anthony Contreras.

Coach: Luis Fernando Suarez.

New Zealand: Oliver Cell; Winston Reid (Elijah Just, 72),
Nando Bijnecker, Phil Duilima, Liberto Caucasus; Joe Belglotton Lewis
(Tim Payne, m. 90), Matthew Corbett (Ben Wayne, m. 60); Nico Kirvan, Alex
Greave (Costa Barbaros, 60 m) and Chris Wood.

Coach: Danny Hay.

Referee: Emirati Mohammed Abdullah. Expelled New Zealand player Barbaross
And recorded Reid, Ruiz and Contreras.

Goal: 1-0, m3: Joel Campbell.

Incidents: Playoff match for last place in World Cup
Qatar 2022, played at the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in Doha.

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